´Canelo´ Alvarez Dispatches ´Perro´ Angulo!

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Saul Alvarez (in yellow) got the stoppage on Alfredo Angulo after bludgeoning him for 10 rounds.

Last night in Las Vegas, or for roughly $60 on your PPV bill, you watched Mexican boxing superstar Saul ´Canelo´Alvarez take on fellow countryman Alfredo ´Perro´ Angulo in a match that had Canrelo installed firmly as the favorite at over 5 to 1.  Despite a blip of controversy over the weight prior to the match, this one literally played out with no drama or excitement at all and went exactly according to the blandest script possible.  Hopefully you chipped in a few bucks with friends, cuz paying $60 for that on PPV was not worth it.

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Alvarez came out aggressive, and as everyone expected, Angulo took a lot of punches over the course of the opening four rounds.  Angulo finally started throwing more punches at around the midway point of the fight, but from the look on Canelo´s face, and the look of most of the punches, Alvarez had very little to fear.

This didn´t result in any urgency or heightened aggressiveness from Alvarez, it resulted in him getting frustrated and putting his hands down.  he was hitting Angulo hard, but with big punches and he didn´t put a lot of lethal combos together.  In short, Alvarez did not go for the kill.

Angulo looked slow and plodding, much like Antonio Margarito did in his last outing when Manny Pacquiao retired him.  He got hit all day, but he may have a point that the stoppage on this fight was pretty ridiculous.  Alvarez threw a big uppercut and Angulo backed off to re-group and referee Tony Weeks stepped in and stopped the fight.

No one is disputing that the fight was over, as Angulo was not hurting Alvarez at all, so even his promised raised level of activity in the last rounds was hopeless.  But it was a fittingly flat finish to a flat fight that did not bring the level of excitement promised.  As one of the writers at Thesweetscience.tv said, this fight should have been on SHOWTIME, it was not a PPV caliber performance.

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