5 More Old School Fights For The Hardcores!


Oleg Taktarov took home the title at UFC 6 by defeating Tank Abbott in a grueling war.

I got a lot of great notices around my last blog identifying some of the old school fights that have changed the face of MMA.   You can see the post here -


Those five are notable and historic for many reasons and must see viewing.  What I decided to try and do here in this post is bring up five absolute wars and destructions.  Let’s see what we can come up with.

#5 Frank Trigg versus Hayato Sakurai


For pure fans of the sport, there is nothing like SHOOTO, the Japanese organization, when they were in their heyday.  They were never the biggest group, but they were purists and they had the best fighters in the world at the lower weight classes.

Frank Trigg was undefeated at 7-0 and this is ‘Mach’ Sakurai handing him his first loss.   A wonderful display of coming from behind, as Sakurai gets beat up in the early going.

#4 Mark Kerr versus Paul Varelans


No gloves.  This is Mark Kerr’s debut, and I did a blog about Mark and some of his personal problems.  But in his prime you will see no one more fearsome and dominant.  He was a sight to behold.  In the second fight of the tournament, he blew the teeth out of Capoeira stylist Mestre Hulk’s mouth and in the final beat Fabio Gurghel into retirement.  Since it is not UFC all these fights are out there on YOUTUBE.

#3 Kazushi Sakuraba versus Vitor Belfort


Why is Sakuraba such a legend?  He has been fighting well beyond his prime, and he smokes and drinks and is known for an unhealthy lifestyle.  But when Dana White says Yushin Okami is the best fighter ever from Japan, he shows just how self serving he is.  Sakuraba in his prime was completely unmatchable.  This is clips, but the whole fight is a total domination of a Vitor Belfort then in his prime as well.

#2 Jose Landi versus Carlos Newton


When the UFC purchased Pride, something was lost in the sport.  This is still one of the most amazing fights I have ever seen.

#1 – Tank Abbott versus Oleg Taktarov

After losing in the finals of UFC 5 to Dan Severn, a very focused Oleg Taktarov came back to UFC 6 and took it all.  And this was not the Tank Abbott that had done stints in pro wrestling, and was old and burnt out.   This was an angry, pissed off Tank and this was 17 minutes with no rounds, and no gloves and to any fan of modern MMA, this was their first exposure to something called Sombo.

Enjoy the fights!

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