A Boxing Trifeca In The Coming Months!

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Sergio Martinez, commonly considered among the top three pound for pound fighters in the world, risks his status this weekend against Ireland's Matthew Macklin.

OK folks, check out these odds coming in on the high profile boxing action in the coming months - http://www.betdsi.com/live-lines/boxing.  You have Sergio Martinez taking on Matthew Macklin this weekend at Madison Square Garden in New York at a -1100.  Then heading into may you have Mexican superstar Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez taking on shot, pay check grabbing Shane Mosley at -875 on May 5th in Vegas.   The headliner in Vegas that night is Floyd Mayweather Jr‘s fight with Miguel Cotto, where Mayweather is vested at -700.  The question is, does one or more of these underdogs actually have a shot?  Let’s take a look…

The biggest favorite on the chart is Martinez, and rightfully so.  How good is Martinez?Martinez has been relentless in the past year looking for a major fight and his inability to land one is a recognition of the risk and reward the relatively unknown Argentinian brings.  Macklin, fighting in New York City around St Patrick’s day, is going to need a whole lot of the Luck of the Irish to pull this one off, but he is the biggest of the three underdogs.

After that it gets intriguing.  Alvarez is a heavy favorite, as Mosley is commonly thought to be done after his embarrassing performance against Manny Pacquiao in his last outing.   Mosley at one point in his career was in the elite of this sport, and there are many that question whether Alvarez is made of that stuff.  Alvarez is said to have been protected throughout his career.  If Mosley has a shred of self respect, he may rise to the occasion if he realizes during the fight what some believe – that Alvarez is a myth.

Then there is Mayweather and Cotto.  Of course Mayweather, who is undefeated and has been declared the top pound for pound guy in the world (along with Pacquiao), is the favorite.  But Cotto is a skilled fighter, with some power, and he could break thru against ‘Money’.

All in all, big time boxing has gotten so clannish and segmented, that the coming months have these three matches, which have mountainous odds.  Obviously, there is a reason for that, but what we do is called gambling, so betting all three makes sense.  If two should manage to win, you have had a good day at the office!

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