A Look Back At STRIKEFORCE – Rousey Dominates….

A Look Back At STRIKEFORCE - Rousey Dominates....

Ronda Rousey has arm barred her way into being the poster girl for women's MMA. She may need to lighten up the rhetoric a bit to really lead the way.

Maybe UFC President Dana White was right about a few things when it comes to the women’s divisions – maybe there is not enough competition yet.  In just her sixth fight, Ronda Rousey cemented her hold on the 135 lb women’s title with an armbar submission win over Sarah Kaufman, endng the fight in less than a minute.   Rousey looks completely dominant, and there are few fights that make sense for Rousey at this point.  But is Dana right?

Rousey has treated the women’s competition with thinly veiled disdain as she has risen to dominance and taken over.   Basically, there are two women who could potentially make for an intriguing match, and a maybe a third who has a chance of extending her a bit.

Let’s talk Gina Carano first.   Carano cannot make 135 lbs, which would force Rousey up a weight class.   Other than that, I would think that Rousey would come in the favorite, as Carano has been away from the sport for a while, and many have questioned her dedication.

Then there is ‘Cyborg’ Santos, who prior to a PED suspension and Rousey’s rise was considered the dominant woman in MMA.  Rousey has been very vocal about wanting this fight, with a bit of a grudge for the taint on women’s MMA ‘Cyborg’ caused with her positive test.  Like with Carano. it isn’t totally clear what the weight class for this bout would be.  It will be interesting to see where a line starts if this fight is ever made.

Perhaps Marloes Coenen could extend Rousey a bit, she being a very solid veteran who has good JJ, but it is not a match anyone is clamoring for.  Coenen would be a massive underdog, and rightfully so.

But Dana White is not right, and he knows it.   The women’s divisions are not only 135 lbs, as the competition at 125 lbs and even at 115 lbs has consistently given us very solid matches.

The problem with Rousey is she paints herself a bit as an ambassador for women’s MMA, but her entire approach is Ronda-centric.  That is OK, but she could help by shining the light on other weight classes and some of the other athletes competing.

Ive thrown this idea out there before – let Rousey and ‘Cyborg’ be coaches for a season of women on the UFC’s reality TV show.  Then they can meet in the final and MMA will have the biggest fight in the history of the women’s divisions.



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