ADCC Masters Coming March 25th – Sperry vs Liborio!

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Mario Sperry, despite being 47 years of age, has been active the past few years and he returns to ADCC to face former teammate Ricardo Liborio on March 25th.

Once again BETDSI is the only online book out there that is offering betting odds on the grappling martial arts associated with modern MMA.  On March 25th, the ADCC Masters has announced a superfight between Ricardo Liborio and Mario Sperry.  It is a matchup of two absolute legends of the game, as Sperry was one of the MMA pioneers with PRIDE and earlier, with the Extreme Challenge run by John Perretti, and Liborio is only the founder of the world famous American Top Team.  Right now, the book has Sperry favored at (+220) with the return on Liborio sitting at (+170).  Let’s take a look at the line….

For those fans of grappling who may be new to how betting line works, it goes like this.  Sperry is favored to win, so the (-220) means you must bet $220 to win back $100.

Liborio, as the underdog pays back better with a win.  His (+170) indicated that you win $170 with a bet of $100.

As far as the matchup is concerned, it is an interesting one.  Both men have carved out their respective niches in modern MMA history, and Sperry is 47, one year older than Liborio.  Both men know each other and were teammates since before they earned their black belts, so it is safe to say they know each other.

Going back to old school reputations, Liborio is one of those ‘magic’ guys that a million stories corroborate submits other black belts, such as Sperry with ease.  His game is based on technique and an instinct for the game.

Sperry’s game at this level is more of a point game, where he uses strength and positioning to hold the advantage.  Liborio is widely considered to have the deeper game technically.

Sperry’s great advantage is in the fact that he has competed a lot.  For whatever reason, Liborio spent his prime competition years teaching and getting ATT built up, but he is not someone with an extensive competition record.  Sperry is more cerebral and less instinctual, but Sperry is a fierce competitor who is built for these types of big fights, whereas Liborio does not have the competition pedigree.

Could you still bet the dog though?  Could Liborio pull one out over his old teammate when the lights are on and everyone is watching?



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