Amir Khan and What’s Wrong With Boxing!

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Khan and Peterson fiought a great, entertaining fight. Khan has decided to mar it by whining about the judges.

OK, let me preface this by saying, I  have never really bought into the Amir Khan hype.  Yes, he was young when he won a silver medal (what do they say about second place?  Something about the first loser) in the 2004 Olympics and he trains with the best, has some talent and is definitely marketable.

If you are going to tell me that Khan is better than Olympic medalist Andre Ward, who clearly doesnt get the love from the boxing world that Khan does, then please break me off some of that crack your smoking.  Or go ahead and give me the difference between Khan and Ward’s last purses.

Here is a quote, right from CNN / SI’s website:

“We’ll find out in the next five to seven days if the decision is overturned,” Khan told Sky Sports News on Thursday. “If that’s the case, I will give him a rematch to settle the score.”

So Khan is protesting his recent fight against Lamont Peterson, and I grant it was close.   But the loser, offering rematches when things aren’t even decided?  Come on it isn’t like Khan killed him! Here is a guy who has grown accustomed to having his way and it is wrong.

And it is because he has an entourage that is pushing his career forward.  The people invested in his career are plentiful, and it makes an Amir Khan fight more than just a boxing match.  If he were as good as an Andre Ward, you may be looking at a fighter who has marketability that crosses over.  The fact that Khan is of Pakistani decent and a Muslim have given him attention since the start.  Cracking a market of over a billion people means there is a lot of money involved.

But his talent doesn’t add up.  The fight with Peterson, though close, is really not something that is going to be overturned,  It was not highway robbery.  OK so there were questionable points taken by the ref.

How about we do this Amir?  How about you rematch Breidis Prescott?  If you recall, Breidis is the kid who almost beheaded you and it took a lot of soft fights and care from your caretakers to rehab your name after that loss.

Or you can take the ‘Canelo’ Alvarez route and fight Ricky Hatton’s brother, or Miguel Cotto’s brother.  That way you fight the name and not the threatening talent Amir!

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