Anderson Silva versus Georges St Pierre? Not Again….

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Coming off a long recovery from surgery, St Pierre has to re establish himself at 170 lbs, which will be a tall order.

Does the UFC miss Brock Lesnar?  The PPV numbers say that they certainly do, and the fact is that the company has no stand out ‘SUPER FIGHT’  anywhere on the horizon that could challenge their high point of PPV numbers when they had Brock to headline.  This week, for the first time in a long time, the UFC has started the talk about an Anderson Silva versus George St Pierre superfight.   It is an even worse idea now than the first time the rumors hit, so let us take a look.

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It will be a fascinating line to see come out if the fight happens in 2013, because there really is little way for St Pierre to win even if he is at the top of his game.

And that is the biggest question around St Pierre, and the reason why talk of this superfight is very premature.  Come November, we will see St Pierre return after a long rehab and surgery to face Carlos Condit, a very game fighter who has had just St Pierre to focus on for nearly a year.

Dana White has been talking about St Pierre’s wrestling, and his ability to get Silva down, already the UFC President is trying to sell the fight.

But St Pierre is not a trained wrestler with years of competition since his youth, he is a natural who counts on his explosiveness and athleticism for his wrestling success in MMA.  Will he be as explosive after knee surgery?  How will he do trying to take down Silva, who come fight time will probably be 20 to 25 lbs heavier?

Additionally, St Pierre has potential challenges at 170 lbs should he get by Condit.   Martin Kampmann has established himself, Johny Hendrix has become a force and there is the looming presence of Nick Diaz – so there are challenges at 170.  Why go to 185 where he will face a 210 lber come fight time in Silva, and one that matches him at skill?

The main reason is that despite a bloated roster of close to 300 fighters and a schedule that at times includes 3 to 4 events per month, the UFC is still behind in talent development and needs to do more shows.

As for Silva, he does need a challenge.  The attempt to bring in Hector Lombard was a failure in terms of developing a fast track opponent.   They now need to be open minded and ask Silva to move to 205 lobs, or to bring in someone (from an extremely limited pool of fighters) who might be a challenge.  Ive mentioned him before, perhaps Gegard Moussasi.

This fight is a sucky superfight, an attempt to draw in the main stream public.  The fact that it is being talked about again shows that the UFC has not done enough to develop big fights and main stream draws beyond their upper echelon.  Get back to work guys….

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