Anderson Silva vs Cris Weidman II Is Next!

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UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman makes his first title defense on December 28th.

The UFC 168 event is next up for the world’s biggest MMA promotion.  Scheduled for Las Vegas, Nevada on December 28th, the card features a main event rematch between former Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva and Cris Weidman, the man who dethroned him.  Right now, Silva (-160) is sitting favored over Weidman, who returns (+135).  One thing is for sure, is that Silva is almost assured to fight a completely different fight than the first time, so let’s take a look at what might happen.

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Silva has been widely criticized for his puzzling performance in the first match up with Weidman.  The truth is, Silva shut down his offense and chose to play defense against Weidman.   Until Weidman landed his finisher in the second round, he had been swinging and missing a lot.

If Silva does decide to unleash his offensive repertoire, Weidman could be in trouble.  Weidman comes forward, and though he hits hard, he is also very hittable, and whether he likes it or not, he didn’t have to worry about getting hit in the first fight.  This time, Silva is going to hit him.

We are going to find out a whole lot about Weidman’s toughness, because if he is able to withstand getting hit by Silva, it will be an accomplishment.  Silva has faced the likes of Stephan Bonner and Forrest Griffin as a Lightheavyweight and he has displayed wilting power, so if Weidman is still around after 5 rounds, his chin and overall sturdiness are likely to have been well tested.

Weidman will probably be in the best shape of his life.  He is the UFC Middleweight champion, and the bottom line is he took it from the greatest champion the orgaization ha sever seen.  He hopefully is looking at being an underdog here as a sign of disrespect, and using it for motivation.

Weidman is capable of fighting Silva the way Chael Sonnen did, which is to get off first and get Silva grounded.   Though the ‘Spider’ is dangerous on the ground, Weidman’s best bet is to control the fight and get it on the mat as soon as possible.  If Weidman fell in love with his KO of Silva and wants to try and box with the former champion, then Weidman is unlikely to come out as champion.

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