Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones talk Heats up Again!

In the aftermath of UFC 159 and another dominant win by UFC Lightheavyweight Champion Jon Jones, tak has picked up again about a showdown with Middlweight head honcho Anderson Silva.  UFC President Dana White added fuel to the fire by mentioning that after Jones had dispatched Chael Sonnen, he had received a phone call from Anderson himself laying out a plan.

Interested in betting on an upcoming UFC fight?  Check back frequently for the latest lines for boxing and MMA as they come out at BETDSI!  Sign up now for an account!In the match with Sonnen, Jones was too big and strong and he got takedowns and won the position battle every time.  This does not bode well for Silva, who had trouble with Sonnen’s physicality, and Jones showed he is a different level than Sonnen.

Silva will be more crafty than Sonnen, whose stay in your face is becoming predictable, and he will likely look to counterstrike Jones as he attacks.   Silva will not want to be under Jones as he gets the ground and pound going, so he will want to force Jones to work as hard as possible for his takedowns.

Jones is at his athletic peak, he has been very mentally tough and he has handled the pressure of being champion very well.  He is unlikely to be intimidated by the Silva legend, treating this like any other fight.

In his last two fights, Jones has shown that gutsiness that he had not had to display in his earlier fights.  Belfort hurt him with a firt round arm bar attempt, and against Sonnen, Jones fought with a badly broken toe.  Both times, Jones not only won the fight, he finished it without making the judges work.

The toe injury may actually helpt he fight happen, as Silva is scheduled to fight Chris Weidman at July’s UFC 162 card.  Weidman is the number one obstacle to the fight happening, because if he upsets Silva, the Jones-Silva match won’t happen.

But assume Silva gets by Weidman – when the books put lines out it will likely be tight, with Jones as the favorite.  He has left a litter of champions in the Lightheavyweight division already.  As good as Silva is, the age and size differences will be too much for him in a fight with Jon Jones.



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