Another Boxing Farce: Roy Jones Jr versus Kimbo Slice?!?

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Kimbo's best bet to make money is to go back and play bodyguard for high end strippers in southern Florida. Kimbo, please stop fighting!

Boxing legend and one time pound for pound best in the world Roy Jones Jr continues to climb into the ring as he creeps deeper into his 40′s.  Word is that Jones will return to the ring on the island of Jamaica against internet and street fighting legend and MMA flop Kimbo Slice.  Will the books really even take action on this crap?  I think they will!  This kind of stuff actually makes me sad for Roy Jones.  The guy was truly a wonder in his prime, but he is becoming more and more of an embarrassment as he ages.  At least Evander Holyfield fights legit fights, though he too is doing a good job of tainting a hall of fame career.  Roy’s attempt to make money with this junk is sad.  He would be better served arming Kimbo and going in with him trying to rob banks.   Cuz no one is going to buy this crap.  Or will they?

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I can’t even speculate what the odds would be, or where the betting public will come in on this one.  All I know is that in a boxing match, Roy Jones is going to come out on top anytime.  Even with eroded skills, it is a case of Jones having forgotten more about boxing than Kimbo has ever known.

Most people out there have seen Kimbo on youtube, in one of his street brawls, or back yard brawls.

Now that is what I would like to see.  Let’s book that backyard with the high picket fence we have all seen Kimbo in, and have him and Roy go at it there.  Yes, it would be better bare knuckle, but Roy probably won’t go bare knuckle.  So let them where 8 OZ boxing gloves or whatever.

The main thing is, this looks like it is going to happen in November.  Hopefully this is the last time we hear from either guy.


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