Are These Fedor Emelianenko versus Cain Velasquez Rumors Feasible?

The reason I’m giving these rumors of a match between Fedor Emelianenko and Cain Velasquez any attention at all is because when I think about what this fight might look like in the ring, there is a lot of potential for a classic.  It’s a fight that is intriguing.  The facts are sketchy, but the word is that M-1 Global made the offer to UFC for the fight to take place in Russia.   Since it is usually the UFC that initiates it’s business ventures, it is unlikely that they would want to give control of so many of the conditions around this fight to the questionable management of M-1.  But damned if it isn’t a good fight!

After dropping the UFC Heavyweight title to Junior Dos Santos in roughly two minutes, Velasquez is certainly in a position where he needs a bounce back match, a shot at redemption.  He needs a high value target, and for all the recent chinks we have seen in Fedor’s armor, he is still a top heavyweight.

Fedor recently defeated Jeff Monson, who can at best be termed a quality opponent.  This ended his skid at three fights.  He could really use a definitive win over a young ‘phenom’ like Velasquez to get himself back in the mix before he gets too old.  A win over Velasquez would be like 3 or 4 wins against average competition.

In the ring, I like that both are smaller heavyweights, in that neither cuts weight from 290 lbs to make the division.   Velasquez doesn’t have the experience of Fedor, and he may carry the lingering doubts of an elite athlete that just absorbed his first loss.  Fedor, with said ring experience and his strong mind game definitely could teach Velasquez a thing or too, if his age doesn’t catch up to him and his physical skills diminish.

On the feet, I can see this fight going the same way as the Dos Santos match for Cain.  Fedor will pick his spots, and if given the opportunity, he will land bombs as well.  Velasquez is a pressure fighter, known for his conditioning, but Fedor has always kept a very high pace in his bouts and I don’t think this is the edge for Velasquez that it is against other heavyweights.

I wonder what Dana White thinks of the match up, because the bottom line is that Dana will decide whether we see it or not.

He has two things to consider.  After the years of drawn out, fruitless negotiations is Dana willing to bury the hatchet with Fedor’s management and sign a deal?

The second is a little more controversial, and I’m sure Dana will either spin it or never mention it.  But does Dana really think Cain is ready to beat Fedor?  If the answer is no, it is yet another reason why we won’t see the match.  If the answer is yes, then Dana should ‘MAKE IT HAPPEN!’

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