Attention Florida!!!

Now before you get all excited and think this is a hurricane advisory or that Armageddon has finally come to the panhandle, I will calm your fears and tell you that this is just a post in the revolutionary spirit of someone who has been ripped off and wants to use YOU the public to help me in my campaign of revenge.  So as I waaaasdjflhlkdfgjl;dfkh///…………………..

We just had a earthquake as I was writing.  Seriously!!!  It was small, but the condo is still shaking I think….Ok, maybe it was the 4 cocktails I had before I started writing this.  I know, I know, it is weak to feel fake aftershocks with only 4 cocktails, but hey, I’m getting old…Fact remains there was an earthquake and if you don’t believe me then check google for “Costa Rica Earthquake” and you will see that it happened, just not sure about the aftershocks.


So back to the topic at hand.  If you reside in the Tampa/Brandon area of Florida then I want your attention.  PAY ATTENTION!!!  There is a recreational multi-sport league called Play Tampa aka Tampa Sports & Social Club.  They are a Tampa/Brandon area rec league that organizes flag football, softball, soccer, golf, tennis and basketball leagues made up of about 12 teams per league.  When you check their site STOP!!! Don’t bother searching for it, the site is down.  We found this site through our team sponsorship campaign we ran last spring.  We had a good amount of clients from South Florida and thought that it only made sense that we sponsor something in that area.  Anyways, we ended up sending them $5,350 for a year long sponsorship which included real estate on their website, offers in their emails, team sponsorship and cooperation in organizing charity poker events that we would host online and match 100% of any monies raised.  So after about a week of back and forth with the director of the company “Grant” and exchanging emails with his assistant “Julia” we sent a bank wire to an account owned by the TSSC, (Tampa Sports & Social Club). The wire was received and Grant asked for specific banner sizes which were sent to them and then a week went by, then 2 and then 3 and then finally I try calling and emailing to find out why we are not on the website yet or why they didn’t put us in the newsletter.  No response…I let some more time go by and send a few emails to the various contacts listed on their website…No response…


Finally, I figure out that these scumbags robbed us and it really set in when just tonight while looking for the link to their site for this post that I realized it is offline that they have bent me over, lubed me up and aimed for full penetration.  And it hurts…


Now, the reason for this post is to try and launch a bounty of some sort and or just vent because I’m pretty pissed off about the whole thing.  I can’t really say anything about how I feel for these people nor what I wish would happen to them, but the fact is that this is what the U.S. has become.  It’s a bunch of swindlers and people looking to get over on you.  I mean for fucks sake if I wanted that kind of environment for doing business then I would just do business in Costa Rica.  The U.S. was built on a group of men giving their word to act even in the most dire of circumstances.  When a real man did what he said and said what he meant.  People had honor and and didn’t sweat the small stuff because there were far more important things to worry about.  Nowadays it is all “you owe me” or “your actions caused me distress” or even worse, “I have become accustomed to a certain lifestyle and I can’t live any other way your honor”…  I mean jezzus christ!  American’s used to be seen as tough MF’ers that didn’t take shit from anyone and now we are being mocked for our prudishness and ignorance.  It’s sad really, I mean I can remember when we were the most powerful, most feared, most sound minded country in the world and I’m not even 30 yet!!!  So back to the matter at hand which is a tale of treachery, robbery and sodomy…LOL…Just kidding about the sodomy.


These people stole from us plain and simple and we only had the best intentions.  We wanted to perform a branding exercise  and recruit new clients as well as organize charity tournaments for local causes.  We gave them the tools and support to do it, but instead they just cut off communication and stole from us.  If they were having a hard time then why not tell me and see if we can work out an expanded sponsorship role or something like that.  I’m not an idiot , I don’t want to lose on my investment.  If the opportunity comes along that you can take control of your investment and do what you have to do to get the ROI and make it work then, “hey lets fuckin do it.”   but no, that didn’t happen.  They just ignored me and called my bluff when I emailed both of them saying we had retained legal representation in the Tampa area and that we were going to file a breach of contract suit against them.  I got called out!  What the fuck can I do about it now???  Well thank you for asking.  I am trying to get my cold revenge via the world wide web…So raise up all Tampa/Brandon area residents!!!  We have to reverse the course of this country where the norm is to screw your neighbor/fuck you buddy kind of mentality.


So how do I deal with this?  Well, as I stated a couple paragraphs above we are going to offer a bounty of sorts.  If you are in the Tampa/Brandon area and you can make contact with these people we would reward you handsomely.  All I want is contact with them and to find out why they thought it was ok to steal from me and more importantly put a failed campaign spend on MY BOOKS on MY WATCH!!!  I can’t abide by that…Leave a comment and then send the comment and your BetDSI account number to and the first 20 clients will get a special gift in their player account.

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