Barcelona Wins the Game but Real Madrid Wins the Fight, Literally

After Barcelona won the Spanish Super Cup by beating Real Madrid 3-2 at the Camp Nou there was a little incident where players and coaches hit each other; to be fair this is just another day in the office since Mourinho got the Real Madrid manager position.


“Someone has to take action on the matter. Mourinho is destroying Spanish football. There is talk about the Catalans, but the problem is with Madrid . I think it’s going too far. It cannot always end well. In the end this will end very badly”, said Gerard Pique, Barcelona ‘s central defensive man.


“The images speak for themselves. We must be careful, because one day we will cause harm, not on the field but off, and we’re all a little responsible for this.”


When Lionel Messi scored the third goal for Barcelona , things started to get out of control, especially from defender Pepe who is one the dirtiest players around.


“He plays with excessive force. I don´t think he should do those type of things, for his own and his opponent´s sake. What´s clear is that Pepe and I are not, nor will be, friends for the time being”, Dani Alves said.


One thing Barcelona needs to realize and worry about is that Real Madrid is getting closer to beating them, they really understand what Pep Guardiola brings to the table and eventually if Barça doesn’t evolve, Real Madrid will catch them.


“I’m not going to say we’re happy because we didn’t win the Spanish Super Cup, that would be hypocritical of me. But we intended to play like men and not fall on the ground at the slightest touch”, Madrid coach Jose Mourinho said.


“We feel like we played two very good games in their entirety. This team is better than it was last year. The longer you work with people, the better the conditions are to have a better year. We played nine games this pre-season and proved to be better than we were last year in the last two. I’m happy with the progress my men have made,” he added.

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