Baseball Gambling – Riding the Streakers

Have you heard the one about how you can win many times betting on a streak but lose only once?  In baseball gambling you can really do well if you ride the streakers.  And that applies to teams on winning and losing streaks.

Baseball Gambling

A Game of Streaks

More than any other sport, baseball is a game of streaks. Gamblers who bet baseball realize that they have a lot of games to choose from for about six months.  You have about 15 games per day, every single day except for the All-Star break for many months. If you factor in the totals and the run lines, you have a lot of options for streaks.

Keep in mind that you can bet on a streak in two ways in baseball gambling.  You can bet streaks to continue or to end.  If you try and guess when a streak will end you oftentimes will lose money.  Remember what we said earlier?  If you ride the streak you can lose only once.

Factors to Consider

As you look at baseball gambling at the offshore sportsbook you need to take a few factors into consideration.  First, take a look at the upcoming schedule and try and get in early when a team is on a streak.  If you wait until the streak is five or six games long you may already be too late.  Look at the schedule and see when a potential winning or losing streak could occur.  Second, look at both winning and losing streaks and also consider total streaks.  You may have teams that go on big runs in terms of runs scored which means they go over.  Conversely, you have teams that struggle to score runs and they may go on an under streak.

2012 Baseball Streaks

This season there have already been a number of big streaks with teams winning and losing games. The Chicago Cubs just recently ended their 12-game losing streak.  The Atlanta Braves are currently on an 8-game losing streak.  The Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Angels are on 6-game winning streaks.  Check out the current baseball standings and see which teams are on streaks and get on them before they are over.

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