Baylor Vs Texas Tech Odds and Picks

Host and Bar Stool Super Hero Randy Mann takes us through a quick look at the NCAA’s top rated teams for week 12. As such, one of this week’s major match ups sees the Baylor Bears face the Texas Tech Red Raiders in a BIG-12 battle for air space superiority. Both teams are cover machines and Bettors have made money backing either squad this season. The Bears are currently sitting at -27 1/2 favorites on the game. The bigger story is the total for this BIG-12 tilt. Oddmakers are looking at this game as a basketball style affair (line value is sitting at 85 1/2 and climbing) demonstrating either superlative offense, or just plain whimsical defense…you can be the judge of that.

Now it is again time to turn it over to our Bar Stool Man of Steel and his new co-host and kryptonite Gabriela Gordon to give us x-ray vision on the Baylor vs Texas tech betting match up.

NCAA Football odds

Show Transcript:

Howdy & Welcome to Barstool Blathering….

Where Sport & Wit come together like a shot of Jameson’s chased with pickle juice—

Sounds awful—but Shockingly good!

I’m your host and Pickle-Backing S.O.B., Randy Mann

Let’s talk some college football….


After a great weekend in College Sports—We know athletic competition is alive and well in the world, and so too are we….

It’s nice to be on the right side of the grass….

From College Football to College Basketball, November is in the crease of sport and it does not disappoint.

With 100+ games tipping off on Friday, college spirit and the road to the Final Four is back.

We’ll soon be covering more basketball, but for now let’s talk some football.


Last week, The Oregon Ducks were bullied yet again by Stanford with old school – smashmouth football, and losing their # 2 poll position –Paving the way for Florida State, who now has Bama in its crosshairs.

#1 Bama rolls– as they do, defeating a sloppy LSU on saturday.

They have Mississippi State / Chattanooga / and a surprising 1-loss Auburn team to close the regular season in the IRON Bowl.

FSU fortified its # 2 position and have SYR / IDAHO / and a slumping Florida to finish.

BAMA & FLORIDA STATE are destined to meet for the BCS Championship barring any mishaps along the way.


# 3 Ohio State may very well go undefeated two years in a row, but the Big 10 just doesn’t have the power rankings this year to make them a BCS contender.

And while Stanford put Oregon in check, they too are in check with their only loss at the hands of Utes of Utah—The Stanford Cardinal holds down the #4 spot.

And then, there is Baylor— putting as many points on the board as their basketball program at # 5.


Speaking of Baylor….

Baylor has Texas Tech at home this weekend in a BIG 12 showdown—

I’m sure I’m late to the show here, but I still find it ironic that the Big 12 has 10 teams, and the Big 10 has 12 teams… I remain puzzled.

That said, let me dissolve my confusion by introducing Gabi—the most gorgeous and effervescent numbers girl this side of the Pecos….

She got Madd Madd Stats!!

Gabi, what is the point spread in the Baylor / Texas Tech game?


Thanks for the intro, Randy… You pickle-backing S.O.B.!

What’s up guys! The point spread for Texas Tech vs Baylor has

BAYLOR laying -27pts to the Red Raiders.

Now, The Bears are ranked 3rd in the nation this year against the spread at 7-1.

The Red Raiders are 4-1 ATS in their last 5 meetings at Baylor

And overall, the favorite is 10-3 ATS in their last 13.

Back atcha Randolph! {Wink}

Gabi- 27 Points is a mighty healthy spread! And so is MIRACLE WHIP for all you sandwich lovers! Makes me wanna tailgate…

My confusion clearly remains, so let’s move on…

27 is a lot of points in this match up, but Texas Tech, on the other hand, has dropped their last 3 games. We know they can put some points on the board but whether or not they can muster their early season success is up to them.

The previous two meetings claimed Baylor the victor! Winning in overtime last year by a touchdown, and winning 66-42 in 2011.

The total is liable to be 107… perhaps even a hook is involved—let’s call it 107.5 — The truth is, I don’t know what the total is but I’m taking the over regardless. The scoreboard may short circuit in this game.


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