Behind The Scenes At UFC 137…

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Dana clearly thinking of adding Ramsey's outfit to his home collection.

This is unverified fun, and I may be delusional, but I think it went down just this way…  The UFC 137 weigh ins were over, and despite some brief tension between Nick Diaz and BJ Penn, and Tyson Griffin not making weight, things went smoothly.  So why was Dana White so frantic immediately afterwards?  Anyone who asked him ‘what is up’  was either ignored or was told ‘I need to find someone’.  He was looking for someone specific.

Later on that night, Dana was on the 14th floor of the Mandalay Bay waiting by the elevators.  It wasn’t until around 11 PM that prelim UFC fighter Ramsey Nijem came out of the elevators and headed towards his room.  When they made eye contact, it was like a physical weight was lifted from the UFC President’s shoulders.

‘Ramsey I gotta talk to you, man’ Dana says.

‘Sure boss, what’s up’ answers Ramsey, who is at this point unlocking his room, ready to call it a night.

“Look, here is one thousand dollars.  Call it a locker room bonus.  I need you to give me the shorts’.  Dana produces 10 crispy, new one hundred dollar bills.

For my fight?  Sure I’ll get them to you right after the match’.  Ramsey takes the thousand bucks, and puts them with another thousand bucks he had in his pocket.

‘No not for the fight, I’m talking about the one’s you wore at the weigh ins’.  Dana’s voice has dropped to a whisper, and frankly he is looking a little clammy and uncomfortable.

Ramsey laughs as well, a nervous, where is this heading type of laugh. “Boss those weren’t shorts, those were my underwear.’

Dana is getting a little agitated ‘OK, OK give me your underwear then’.  Dana already has a green matching scarf and goggles that he plans to wear with them for those days he works from home.

‘Man, I can’t do that.  I don’t know what the big deal is, I was just being loose, trying to have some fun.’  Ramsey takes the thousand out of his pocket and returns it to Dana. “Boss your a little late, I already sold them’.

White storms out of the room and down the hall.  Before he hits the elevators, he has speed dialed UFC matchmaker Joe Silva.

Silva answers ‘Yes, Dana?

White is livid, foaming at the mouth.  ’Did you buy Nijem’s underwear?

Silva responds ‘Nijem fought well tonite, I’m trying to think who his next match will be.  Wearing his underwear on my head helps me think.  I call it my thinking cap’.

White settles down, breathes.  ‘Joe, what else are you wearing’? he asks…..

Joe answers ‘Just the bowtie.  You’ll never guess where!’.

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