Bellator Crowns Tournament Champ, Still a bore…

Bellator,Pat Curran,Bjorn Rebney

Pat Curran, 2 time Bellator Tournament Champion

This past weekend, Bellator FC crowned their 145 lb tournament winner when Pat Curran scored a big kick KO over Marlon Sandro. Sandro was acknowledged as one of the top fighters at 145, and Curran, who also won the 155 lb. tournament for Bellator, won himself a title shot and a second tournament title.

After 48 shows, the Bellator company is definitely entrenched as the number 2 promotion in the United States.  And no one can say they haven’t had some exciting in ring results, with a bona fide star in Eddie Alvarez, Tobi Imada’s inverted triangle submssion, and even Curran’s KO this past weekend.

Now there is a lot of talk that Bellator might move from their MTV2 time spot over to SPIKETV, the former network of the UFC, now that the big dog event will be making their way over to FOX.  So there is a lot to be excited about with Bellator.

So why am I not excited?

Im not sure but there is something that is just flat about Bellator and their format.  Despite being on TV, maybe it is that each season selects a weight class, and that they have woefully few spots to keep the other fighters in a rotation.  The UFC in their reality show also isolated weight classes, but at least they still had events not tied to the show and kept their rotation busy.  When was the last time we saw Toby Imada in Bellator?

And maybe it is their CEO Bjorn Rebney.  Like him or hate him, UFC boss Dana White has perfected a personality – brash for a brash young sport.

What is Bjorn’s personality.  Part politcian, filled with an underlying misplaced arrogance?  when the guy talks, I hear the drone of Charlie Brown adults…

Now there is talk of Bellator moving to fill the UFC void left on SPIKETV, and Bjorn is on record stating he wants to stay on MTV2.  Let’s add colossal stupidity too this guys resume.

One can only hope that Bellator would grab the SPIKETV spot if it is available, it would be a big move for the sport of MMA in general and for fledgling Bellator in particular.  And let’s hope they hire a spokesperson, one with a personality….

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