Bellator Looking At Trevor Prangley For Hector Lombard

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One of the most underrated fighters of all time, Trevor Prangley.

Apparently, Bellator is backing off their plans for a Hector Lombard versus Renato ‘Babaloo’ Sobral bout in favor of matching Lombard with Trevor Prangley.  This will be a good test for Lombard, as Prangley is a tough customer, and it is a better match than the one with ‘Babaloo’.  The main thing is that Bellator has an asset in Lombard, and if they are going to succeed as a company, they need to exploit him now.  Trevor is one of my favorite fighters of all time, but he is beatable for Lombard.

I have  been to Trevor’s house in Idaho, and he has fought on events I was a part of many times.  More than an MMA fight, he is so tough I would want him with me in a trench fighting Germans during World War 2, to the death.

But the truth of the matter is that Bellator needs Trevor to come in and do a job, and lose this fight.  They need to be able to take Hector Lombard and market him to the gils.

Now the thing about Prangley is that he is getting older.  He is a very high skill guy, and he trains at AKA with the likes of Cain Velasquez and Daniel Cormier, but you do lose a step when you are 40 years old.

So why do I like this match better than the ‘Babaloo’ fight?  Trevor is going to bring the fight to Lombard I believe.  And I believe that ‘Babaloo’ would have fought safe, looking for the win and the win money.  That isn’t the way Prangley fights, he will test Lombard.

And after all is said and done, in the fight game, isn’t that what we want to see?  I want to see Lombard hurt and fighting back.  I want to see what he has in the tank and in his guts.  It is easy to fight when your winning, but a comeback?  I want to see the elation of winning like that.

And like I said, I’m a Trevor Prangley fan.  I don’t want to see him served up.  But because he fights and doesn’t take the safe route like ‘Babaloo’ would have, we are in for a good fight, and a real test for Hector Lombard.

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