Bellator MMA: Highlights from the rest of the 106 card!

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King Mo was not KO’d this time, but he should be just as an embarrassed for all his big talk, he went down hard again.

Last night’s Bellator 106 card was certainly a high point for Bellator and is likely their best event to date.  Along with the Alvarez-Chandler 2 main event that tore the house down, the rest of the main card saw a lot of surprises and thrilling action as well.  Daniel Strauss walked away with Pat Curran’s Featherweight title as an underdog, and Emmanuel Newton took out King Mo Lawal as both of the underdogs came through.  Joe Riggs captured the ‘Fightmaster’ reality show contract by beating Mike Bronzoulis in a tactical bout.

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Props to Emmanuel Newton who came in great shape and proved his win over King Mo in their first meeting was no ‘fluke’ as Mo had stated.  King Mo pressured early in the fight, and he got Newton to the floor, but Newton made King Mo work the whole time.  In the stand up, Newton came with the works, throwing kicks and punches that landed and seemed to take the starch out of Mo.  In the end, the ‘King’ was just another tired wrestler with nothing left in the gas tank and not enough answers to deal with a diverse MMA assault.  King Mo is a fraud.

Pat Curran seemed to have the wheels come off his game after he had a point deducted for a knee to the head of a downed Daniel Strauss.  He was doing fine in the fight , using his solid boxing to keep the athletic Strauss at a distance.  But big props to Strauss, who not only stayed composed after the illegal blow, but seemed to come on and turn it up a notch.

Props to veteran Joe Riggs, who has been around for a long time and needed this win.  Bronzoulis hits hard, and he was riding a wave of sentiment that thought he would beat Riggs.  Riggs however settled down and showed a ful lbag of MMA tricks honed over years in the game.  Riggs did the job, dominating Bronzoulis throughout the fight.  It is nice to see Riggs win, and no knock on Bronzoulis, who is a tough guy, but it is a good bet to say we won’t be seeing FIGHTMASTER 2 out of Bellator.


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