Bellator – Post Fight BFC 70 and Season 6 Fall Out!

Once again Bellator has closed out a season, this being their 6th, and I must admit their latest offering earlier tonite was moderately entertaining.  But when I have a chance to say I told you so, I will take it.  I mentioned in a blog here that Bellator should do away with their Heavyweight division, and after seeing Cole Konrad defend his belt by defeating Eric Prindle by kimura in the opening round, I know I was abolutely right.  This even touches on the dreaded PED issue which I have spewed about at length here…

First of all I am gonna say what everyone else is saying – ‘Did you see the titties on Cole Konrad?!?’

Konrad made short work of Eric Prindle, and he is a solid wrestler who has run his record to 9-0.  But if you look at the forums and commentaries about the fight, no one talks about how dominant heis, people are talking about what a fat piece of dogturd he is.

As for Prindle, who never won a Bellator tournament and was accused of being ‘scared’ of tournament final opponent Thiago Silva, pulling out of the fight several times – he needs to go do cool things like pull locomotives with his teeth, and count off how many kegs he can lift over his head.  He isn’t a fighter, he has no clue what he is doing.  Compared to Cole though, he sure looks mean!

The truth is, we don’t know if Konrad has potential yet, because he has faced absolutely no one of any value anywhere in his career (Paul Buentello is so past his prime, his favorite cocktail is hair net and diet coke, come on!).  And the truth is that Bellator has no one in the near future that they can put in with their champion.  They are trying to help the guy out, calling him the ‘best wrestler in MMA’ and thing of that nature, but even Bellator must see that the response to their champion has been nothing but derision.

And how do PED’s hit the subject?  I dont know Cole Konrad, but I am sure the thought will at least cross his mind.   Once Bellator hits him with a lower contract offer than expected, or sponsors continue to pass despite his success, and he reads the forums, and he sees it is affecting him, he will think about it.  Josh Barnett and  Tim Sylvia for starters were both in the same position and opted for the needle.

So just bag the division.  Don’t do any Heavyweight fights for the next two seasons, and do a legitimate, real search for talent.  Bellator has been ordinary in this respect.


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