Ben Henderson vs Frankie Edgar UFC 150

The marquee matchup in UFC 150 will be a rematch of UFC 144 with Frankie Edgar taking on Ben Henderson on August 11th in Denver. Will Edgar be able to get revenge for the loss at UFC 144 or will it be Henderson defending the title?  Here is a look at Ben Henderson vs Frankie Edgar at UFC 150.

Ben Henderson vs Frankie Edgar

Fireworks Expected for Rematch

When these two fought in February in Japan it was a great fight that went back and forth and it was so competitive that each fighter actually thought they won. The judges didn’t think it was that close as they gave Henderson a unanimous decision but regardless, we know that it will be a great rematch. “More fireworks,” Ben Henderson said, “The first fight lived up to the hype and it was a pretty action-packed affair. I think it’s going to be pretty much the same. I’ll be prepared for everything and do whatever it takes to have my hand raised at the end.”

Looking Back

When we look back to UFC 144 the first round was a feeling out process with Edgar getting a slight edge.  The second round proved to be a good one for Henderson as he continually caught Edgar with his kicks and with his knees.  It was so bad for Edgar in round two that he was gushing blood after the round was over.  The momentum from round two carried over into round three as Henderson controlled the action.  Round four had both fighters looking to catch each other in holds and perhaps save some energy for the final round.  The fifth round is where Edgar seemed to realize he needed a knockout to win and he was aggressive.  In the end it wasn’t enough and near the end of the fight it was Henderson who was pounding on Edgar. Two of the three judges scored the fight 49-46 for Henderson while the other had it 48-47.

Respect Instead of Contempt

Many times when you are talking about a rematch in a big UFC fight there will be a lot of contempt as the two fighters have an extreme dislike for one another. That is not the case for the Ben Henderson vs Frankie Edgar fight at UFC 150 event as both Henderson and Edgar have a great deal of respect for each other.  “I’ve definitely got a good test in Frank,” said Henderson, “He’s a tough cookie to crack and even tougher in rematches. He will really be at the top of his game.”  Henderson comes into the fight at 16-2 overall and 4-0 in the UFC while Edgar is 14-2-1 and 9-2-1 in the UFC.

UFC 150 Odds

For the Ben Henderson vs Frankie Edgar UFC 144,  Edgar was a slight favorite but this time around it is Henderson who is favored.  The oddsmakers at the sportsbook believe that Henderson is going to keep the title as Henderson is listed as a -165 favorite in odds for UFC 150 a much higher price than that for Edgar in their last match.

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