BETDSI at the Costa Rica vs Ecuador Game

Here at BetDSI sportbook we are implementing some new stuff and we are going to be in the stadiums covering sports first hand as to give you the best betting analysis.


We were at the Costa Rica vs Ecuador game played at the San Jose National stadium where Costa Rica lost 2-0. The big news wasn’t that Costa Rica lost, but that their Argentinean coach Ricardo Lavolpe was left right after the game.


Lavolpe never wanted to manage the Costa Rica team because according to him he never understood the players and they didn’t understand him. An insider in Costa Rica press said that Richard was never on board with the team because the $40,000 he earned per month was too little compared to what he gained in Mexico (apparently his salary was about $80,000 a month; by the way I’m thinking about becoming a soccer coach, $eriously).

What happened after game was more interesting than the actual game. The Costa Rican press was all over the place “trying to find out” from an official source if Richard was going to quit his job. And Lavolpe was denying everything and avoiding all of the questions.


Costa Rica didn’t make it to the World Cup last summer by one goal difference against Honduras and now they are desperately trying to redeem themselves. Of course at we will have the soccer betting lines for the World Cup elimination stage, which will start in 2012.


With Lavolpe gone the possible options for Costa Rica’s new coach are as follows: Jorge Luis Pinto (Colombian coach that already managed the “Ticos” in 2004), Gerardo Martino (recent ex coach of Paraguay that led the team to the final) and Carlos de los Cobos (ex El Salvador coach, he’s Mexican).


Ahh, I almost forgot, Costa Rica and Ecuador will play again in Guayaquil in September, BetDSI will have betting analysis and odds on the game.

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