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Brazilian JJ Black Belt Caio Terra has been dominating competitions in the lower weight classes for a while now. He expects to win 1st place in the Rooster division at the 2014 European JJ Open.

The European Open Jiu Jitsu Championships 2014 take place on January 26th in Lisboa, Portugal, and the BETDSI sportbook is one of the only places taking action on this type of competition.  The European JJ open is a Jiu Jitsu competition with the gi or kimono, and features some of the premier grapplers in the world today.  The field, as expected, is dominated by Brazilian talent, and the odds at BETDSI allow you to pick a winner from the field rather than going match by match, which would be nearly impossible!  Lets take a look at where the odds are now!

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The competition has 9 weight classes and will likely feature an Absolute or open weight class as well. All of the weight classes are stacked with competitors, and the competition must be complemented for the overall level of competition.

Certainly one of the athletes to watch is Keenan Kai James Cornelius in the Medium-Heavy weight class.  Cornelius has won this competition before, and he has been one of the top active grapplers winning competitions over the last two years. He figures to be challenged by a pair of Maxes, by Poland’s Maksymilian Wisniewski and long time BJJ competitor Maximilian de Figueredo Carvalho.

At Rooster weight is the awesome Caio Terra, whose stiffest competition may come from Japanese submission ace Koji Shibamoto.

At Lightweight, the favorite would appear to be Michael Alexandre Langhi, whose outstanding resume has seen him be ranked among the top grapplers in the world over the past few years.  He will have to contend with Oliver Leys Geddes among others, as Geddes won the competition last year.

The Jiu Jitsu competitions are worth watching, as many of the top competitors move on to MMA careers.  It was only a few years ago that these competitions were dominated by the likes of Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza, Roger Gracie and Damian Maia, all who have crossed over to be top contenders in MMA.  Additionally, these competitions highlight techniques that are used in MMA, and many of these men are the instructors that coach today’s top MMA athletes.  This is athletic competition at its best.

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