BetDSI Sportsbook Free Contests With Cash Prizes All Year


BetDSI Sportsbook Free Contests With Cash Prizes All Year

BetDSI have great Free Contests with many sports contests to choose from and participate in with real cash prizes.

All contests are 100% free as rain, just Log In your BetDSI account, click the link Contest Page and get in on the action!

- Monthly NHL Survivor Pools
- BCS Bowl Pick’em Contest
- NFL Playoffs Bracket Contest
- Golf Fantasy Challenge
- Nascar Fantasy Challenge

My favorite is beginning of the NFL week 5, 2011 season, BetDSI Sportsbook will be holding an ” NFL Pick’em Contest “  with a cash prize pool of $200 split up between the top 5 participating point earners for that week.

The $200 will be split up accordingly

1st $100
2nd $50
3rd $25
4th $15
5th $10

All you have to do is pick who you think will win each NFL match up based on who will cover the spread provided at the moment of your pick.  The more correct picks you get the more points you receive.  The top 5 point earning players will receive the cash prize stated above

This is a great opportunity for players of all skill level, if you are a beginner this is a awesome way to test the waters of sportsbetting, and heck maybe you are better than you knew and could win some money. If you are an experienced sportsbettor and want to test your mettle against the rest of the great BetDSI players you could possibly make a few $$$’s.  It’s a win / win situation because its allllllllllll free baby , doesn’t cost a dime!

I will be participating in this contest every week, and will incorporate it into my NFL articles so my readers can follow along while trying to win bragging rights every week., and track overall points for the season for ultimate bragging rights ( and hopefully some money if we’re good enough).

Should there be a tie that qualifies for a cash prize, the amount earned by each player shall be divided by 2.  example:  Should 2 players tie for first place then $150 will be shared between the two players.

Check rules at the Contest Page for all rules and information on each contest.

What are you waiting for?  Get over to BetDSI Contest Page get in these kick ass contests, lets compete , win money, and have a even more excitement enjoying our favorite sports. Because remember !

” Its Only A Game. Untill You Bet It ”