BETDSI with Grappling Odds For Metamoris III in March!

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The Metamoris III event will be featured at BETDSI with odds for world class grappling martial arts.

BETDSI continues to be the only sportbook out there to offer odds on the major grappling events out there, and the Metamoris III event scheduled for March 29th in California already has odds up and available.  The event deserves credit, putting together several Grappling matches featuring some of the biggest names in the modern history of grappling, including a rematch between Eddie Bravo and Royler Gracie in what may be the most memorable moment in grappling during the 21st century.  Let’s check out what BETDSI is doing with the odds.

Interested in betting on the Metamoris III card coming up? Or betting any of the other events on the Grappling or MMA calendar?   Look for the lines at BETDSI and open an account now!

The oddsmakers at BETDSI are really breaking new ground, and frankly for betting purposes there may be opportunity to catch a few underdogs if they don’t watch what they are doing!

The site for Metamirs ( says there will be no judges or points, in an open 20 minute period.  Basically, you are either going to finish the fight, or you might win on advantage if you were able to score dominant positions, but there might be a good number of draws as well. The odds makers have accounted for that, as you can bet each fighter to win or you can bet the draw.

Additionally, the betting is open to whether the fight will go the distance or not. This is an interesting bet, as it does not require you to pick the winner, just that the match go the full 20 minutes.

If your a fan of submissions, they have broken down the fights into:  win by choke, win by arm/shoulder lock, win by knee ankle lock or win by other type of submission.  If you feel strongly about a competitor’s ability to finish a fight, these odds provide a great deal of return if you catch the right submission.  If you had these odds for the original Gracie-Bravo match ten years ago, and you bet Bravo to win by triangle choke, you would be paid (-350).  That is $350 for every $100 bet. LOL that is with the odds now, can you imagine what the odds would have been to pick that fight 10 years ago, when Gracie was an active and legendary competitor, and Bravo was just a stoner Brown belt?

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