BOXING: 6 to 1 ‘Dog Hits As Garcia Destroys Khan in Las Vegas!

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Amir Khan, seated and well on his way to relinquishing the WBA Light Welterweight title for the second fight in a row.

Last night, Danny Garcia earned a 4th round stoppage against Amir Khan to unite the WBA and WBC Light welterweight titles.  Khan had whined his way into being given the WBA title he lost in his last outing back, and he spent roughly a week with his old belt before losing it to Garcia.  Take a look at the closing of the fight…


There are so many reasons not to like Amir Khan.  This loss gives us more proof – one good reason is that he is a hype machine who has failed to back up the talk several times now in his career.

There was all this talk prior to the fight about how Khan was a potential opponent for Floyd Mayweather, that he had the talent and skills to catch ‘Money’.  What makes the talk interesting is that it was all Khan and his camp who was talking, once again trying to alter reality by repeating that he was ready to be the pound for pound number one.

The fact is he has huge holes in his game, the main one being resistance.  The punch that started his downfall in the third was on the neck, yet he was knocked stiff.  Had it been on the ear, or more on the face, Khan would not have gotten up.

Another hole is that once he is hurt, he becomes very mechanical, and to give him some credit, he tries to fight out of it.  Khan does not have the firepower to do so.  He loses all semblance of space and lateral movement.

In the post fight comments, Khan is stating he may have taken Garcia lightly.  He is probably going to need a day or two to clear his head and get his campaign of spin straight.  But the bottom line is England can have this guy, I’m tired of seeing him, and more than that, I am tired of hearing him.

So here is a little career advice for Amir.  Visit this site -  I believe the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce can give you a license to ply your new trade on the streets of Bolton.

It would be classic, gritty Brit boxing lore.  There  is Amir pushing a metal Shoarma oven on the streets of blue collar Bolton, selling the shredded meat and falafels that people come to buy.  They also come to hear the former world champion talk, for he would still be talking.  ”That Breidis Prescott, I would knock him out in a rematch” Amir could be heard saying while wrapping lamb in a pita bread.

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