Boxing: Alexander Povetkin versus Vladimir Klitschko Deemed Mandatory!

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Alexander Povetkin (above) is up next for Wladimir Klitschko. Don’t look of r the Klitschko dominance to end…..

The WBA, which has Wladimir Klitschko installed as their ‘super’ champion and has Alexander Povetkin as it’s world champion, has deemed that the two must meet before February 26th of 2013.  The heavyweight division continues to remain in a sad state, as Povetkin is both the next fish who has no shot at beating Klitschko, but at 25-0 may also be the toughest opponent out there.  Povetkin’s blown up record built on some truly sad competition almost negate the fact that he has a stellar amateur record and some skill.  None of this matters asWladimir can laugh all the way to the bank again.

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When the lines come out for this fight, like every Klitschko fight, he will be a massive favorite.

Povetkin owns a perfect record and an Olympic gold medal, but at 33 years old he will not be getting any better.  He has been wildly protected throughout his career.  The match with Klitschko has been made twice before, in 2008 and 2009 and both times it was Povetkin who pulled out.  This time he has little choice.

In his last outing, Povetkin took out Hasim Rahman, who is 11 years and 45,000 buffets past the day he KO’d Lennox Lewis.

As he pulled out of previous engagements with Klitschko and switched trainers, Povetkin experienced a drastic drop in competition level, basically fighting bums to maintain his record.  His lone difficult fight in recent years, against blown up cruiserwweight Marko Huck, was won by Majority Decision with one judge calling it a draw.

As for Klitschko, ask yourself – when was the last time he was even challenged in a fight?   Povetkin is a mandatory challenger, but he is unlikely to be the guy to dent the Klitschko legacy.  Wladimir is bigger, stronger, faster more experienced, more technical and there is nothing Povetkin can do about those things.

The only plus for Povetkin is tha he is finally going to have to do the fight he has avoided – a hard fight that he will likely lose.  To duck it might be to lose what little support he has among fans – he is not a star and he never will be.

Once upon a time around when Rahman was in his prime, the MMA fight group UFC stopped doing fights in the Lightweight weight class.  The right thing to do for boxing as a sport is not watch any of thi crap until a new breed of Heavyweights presents itself.  But Klitschko’s German ‘mafia’ will keep rolling him out.


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