BOXING: Amir Khan To Fight Danny Garcia In Next Outing!

British boxing big shot Amir Khan was set to fight Lamont Peterson in Las Vegas this coming July 14th, until Peterson failed a pre-fight rug screening and the bout was cancelled.   Peterson was the man that took Khan’s WBA and IBF World light welterweight titles away from him in his last outing, and Khan desperately needs a belt around his waist to provide closure at 140 lbs.  Enter the WBC light welterweight titleholder Danny Garcia.  The match is made, but Khan, in his arrogance, may have bitten off more than he can chew.

First of all, Khan is still preoccupied with Peterson.  His ego cannot handle a second loss on his record, and he is completely OK with trying to litigate the matter out of the record books.  Khan in a recent interview stated that Peterson’s use of steroids “could have killed me”.  If I ever said something that embarrassing, my daddy would have slapped me in the mouth and my mom would have said I deserved it.

And Khan is actively seeking to have the fight overturned and to get the belts handed back to him.  God Forbid he should fight for them again in the ring.

Because Khan wields a good bit of power and money, he was able to sign Peterson to a rematch right away, just as he wanted.   But the bottom line is that Khan needs a  fight to begin to redeem himself.  A fighter who aspires to being number one in the world pound for pound cannot afford to add to his loss total.

It isn’t like Khan killed Peterson, and it was complete robbery.  There are many people who feel Peterson legitimately won the fight, and it was close and competitive.  And Khan does not do himself a service by being the loudest complainer and whiner.

Danny Garcia brings a 23-0 undefeated record to the table, with his last outing being a defeat of future Hall of Famer Erik Morales to win the WBC light welterweight title.

The thing that Garcia has to tap into is that this is an opportunity to take out a known guy.  In Khan, he faces a fighter much like himself, but who has gotten a lot more in his career.  The idea of taking the opponent’s spot has to be strong.

Garcia, a native of Philadelphia is of Puerto Rican heritage, and he is trained by his father.  Rather than win an Olympic Silver medal like Khan, Garcia has over 120 amateur fights and several championship accolades at the amateur level.  In Philadelphia, PA you are not allowed to take a boy to a boxing gym until he is 10 years old.  Garcia was in the gym on his tenth birthday.

Khan will likely come in as the favorite, and I believe his name resonates among the betting public.  Garcia not so much.  But there are many reasons to take Garcia in this fight.


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