Boxing Champ To MMA: Ricardo Mayorga Fights July 27th

Ricardo Mayorga, the trash talking, cigarette smoking former boxing welterweight World Champion, is set to continue his pursuit of an MMA career as he takes on Ryan Martinez (4-0) on a card in Managua, Nicaragua this coming July 27th.  This is not Mayorga’s first flirtation with MMA as he made his debut back in May.

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Mayorga famously was set to make his MMA debut against veteran Din Thomas, however Don King stepped in and got the courts to stop the fight from happening by showing up with a duffle bag full of cash.

After taking a loss to Miguel Cotto, the now 39 year old Mayorga is apparently free of his contractual obligations to King, but the controversy is still there around Mayorga, that is just how he rolls.

His debut win in May was turned into a no contest by the local commission, and Mayorga was suspended after Mayorga was said to be 20 lbs overweight for a 165 lb fight, which is 20 lbs more than he fought at as a welterweight in his heyday.

There is unlikely to be a line up for this particular fight coming up, as it takes place on a show that we normally do not see lines on, but if Mayorga continues on in his MMA career, you can look for someone somewhere to invest in a bigger fight for him.

Don’t expect the UFC to come calling anytime soon, as their President Dana White is likely to look upon this whole Mayorga crossover thing with disdain.  Mayorga’s act of being a tough guy who both wants to kill and humiliate his opponent is tired and stale, but it wont work in the UFC.

Mayorga is scheduled to fight this next fight at 175 lbs, and he is said to be walking around underweight already.

Mayorga should be expected to win this next fight and after that who he turns his attention to is anybody’s guess.  But if he continues to fight carrying extra weight, look for him to  run into an experienced and seasoned MMA artist at some point who will take him out.  Hopefully we can bet that line when it comes out


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