Boxing: Could Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez Be Next For Mayweather?

In Las Vegas, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is preparing to turn himself in on June 1st to start serving his jail sentence.  In Mexico, Saul Alvarez must be wondering who his next opponent will be.  After the tragic accident Paul Williams suffered, ‘Canelo’ has no opponent for his next match.  Also somewhere between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Manny Pacquiao prepares for his match next weekend with Tim Bradley, but he can already hear Juan Manuel Marquez pushing for a fourth go around with Pacquiao later this year.

So the chances of the big Pacquiao-Mayweather match continue to seem slim.  But could Alvarez get the coveted and lucrative spot opposite Mayweather later this year?  It is a possibility not to be discounted.

The first hurdle is virtually overcome, as ‘Canelo’ is firmly under the guidance of Golden Boy Productions.  Mayweather of course is well known for managing his own career, but he has worked with GB before, whereas working with Pacquiao’s TOP RANK Productions and Bob Arum is virtually a non starter.

Mayweather is going into the can on June 1st for a 90 day sentence, which he will proabaly do 60 days and the rest on some type of home restriction.  This means that Mayweather would be available to start a training camp sometime in August.

This makes the date of September 15th, which was Alvarez’ next scheduled fight, something that Mayweather cannot really take.  So it would involve taking the bout and moving it to November.

Another option is for Alvarez to fight a match on September 15th, and making the Mayweather-Alvarez fight for early next year.

Pacquiao is in a very intersting situation as well.  The Pacquiao train has been rolling along for several years now, and there is a small undercurrent of people that think he has a chance at losing this next match with Tim Bradley.  Should Pacquiao come through the match, there has been some talk that the Philippino wonder may retire.  But Marquez will not let the idea of a fourth fight go away.

And a fourth fight with Pacquiao and Marquez is intriguing in some ways.  The judging has been questionable in all three of their previous meetings, with Marquez and all of Mexico thinking it was Marquez who won all three.  Their most recent meeting was a huge draw, so if Pacquiao wanted one more big payday, he does not necessarily need Mayweather.

So who will Mayweather pick for his next opponent?  Alvarez really has a massive following in Mexico, has a great deal of fans all over the world and is young and has the charisma to sell the fight.  Mayweather is going to want a fighter that brings something to the table.  His last opponent, Miguel Cotta, was widely believed to be the biggest PPV draw in boxing outside of Mayweather and Pacquiao.  So ‘Canelo’ is a very logical choice for Mayweather.

Somebody make it happen!


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