Boxing: Has The Heavyweight Division Ever Been More Irrelevant?

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The UK's Dereck Chisora gets his shot at the WBC Heavyweight Title this weekend. Few think he has any chance against current title holder Vitali Klitschko.

This weekend, in Frankfurt, Germany, ageless Vitali Klitschko defends his WBC Heavyweight Title against the UK’s Dereck Chisora.  Klitschko has been installed as at least a 4 to 1 favorite, with most experts giving Chisora very little chance in the bout.  Chisora’s parents have reportedly decided to order chinese food and see a movie, rather than watch what will certainly be a boring, one sided fight.  This last week I have been reading on the internet several writers (SI’s Chris Mannix is one) that are giving Chisora a puncher’s chance.  It is just a sign of how far the Heavyweight division has fallen, people are desperate for a meaningful fight.  Well, it ain’t this one.

Klitschko has been a dominant champion for roughly a decade, and Chisora has dropped two out of his last three bouts, against average competition.  Spin it all you want, Chisora doesn’t even really deserve to be in there.

Chisora was scheduled to meet one of the Klitschko’s at least two times before, with both matches cancelled while Klitschko took a bigger match against David Haye.  Chisora continued to stay active as he waited his chance, but he took the two losses and the win he got was against a guy with over 40 losses in his boxing career.  How does this prepare you to fight the best Heavyweight of the last ten years?

With the American heavyweight scene so down, the Europeans have been controlling the Heavyweight division for a long time now.  But both of the men that beat Chisora, Tyson Fury and Robert Helenius are the most blown up and protected of prospects.  Both have size and have been kept away from dangerous competition, but neither is athletic and neither possesses technique, or stamina or anything that resembles championship pedigree.  Of course, the pretenders are lining up in hopes that the Klitschko’s retire and they can grab a piece of the title.

Chisora is right around the level of Helenius and Fury.  A very average boxer, who is in a world title fight without as much ring time as you would like to see.

Certainly Chisora may be motivated, but that is not enough against the Klitschko’s.  Sure Vitali could make a mistake, but he is not prone to them, and his style is not one that will give Chisora many openings.

Because Klitschko is methodical, I am going to pick him to win in the seventh, but I would not be surprised if it is over earlier.  The talent gap is that wide here.  It may be another ten years before I watch a heavyweight fight again if the current state of the division is any indication.


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