Boxing in May: Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Robert Guerrero

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Floyd Mayweather Jr is back fighting on May 4th. He brought the hype before, and he will bring the hype now!

Floyd Mayweather Jr will be facing Robert Guerrero on May 4th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The finalizing of the opponent came during a busy week for Mayweather, who is sure to have the eyes of the boxing world on him for the foreseeable future.  Mayweather signed a deal to air his fights on SHOWTIME, which is a big change for Mayweather who has been with HBO in the past.  Robert Guerrero gets to be first.  Guerrero is a tough, crowd pleasing slugger who gave up Lightweight world titles to move up in weight class.  He most recently defeated rugged Andre Berto at welterweight.  The expectations are high for Floyd, as Guerrero is expected to be the first of many in a run of activity for the mercurial Mayweather.

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When the lines come in, clearly Mayweather will hit the books a favorite, and probably a very heavy one.  There are a few things going against Mayweather that one may want to get a deeper look at this underdog, especially if the line is massive.

Mayweather will have been away from the ring for a year since his meeting with Miguel Cotto in May of 2012.  He also did his jail time that was due, and at 36 years old now, you wonder if father time will catch up with Mayweather.  Mayweather in the ring, has defied father time until now.

But time catches up to all athletes it is inevitable.  Mayweather’s new contract is reportedly for 6 fights over a 30 month period.  Now that Mayweather will falter at some point during the life of his contract, now that is a bet I might take.  But Guerrero is facing a machine not only in the ring but outside of it.

This is considered to be a breakthru payday for the workmanlike Guerrero, who has an excellent 31-1-1 record and has shown durability and retained power going up in weight classes. In his last outing he beat up Berto, dropping him in the first and second rounds.

His come forward style would seem to be tailor made for a fighter like Mayweather, whose movement and defense are at the core of what makes him great.   Mayweather is likely to make Guerrero look a step slow, plus the mental pressure of the spotlight and the pressure Mayweather and his circus apply will all be new to Guerrero.

IT is also unlikely that Mayweather and his inner circle would give Guerrero the match unless they saw something in his style that Mayweather can exploit, and with Guerrero those holes are there.  Look for a very wide line when it hits the books.

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