Boxing: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Camp Feverishly Looking For A Tin Can!

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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr enjoys the support of his home country of Mexico. This includes the biased support of WBC President Jose Sulaiman ,who is shameless in his support of the paper champion.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, the son of legendary boxer Julio Cesar Chavez and currently one of boxing’s top draws, is without an opponent for his June 16th date at the SUn Bowl, in El Paso, Texas.  He was originally scheduled to face Martin Murray, but the British fighter had to withdraw due to visa problems.  Now, Chavez Jr. and his promoter, TOP RANK, go through the farce of looking for an opponent for Chavez Jr.  The must not care that their own sanctioning body has been promising the shot at Chavez Jr’s WBC Middleweight Title to Sergio Martinez, and they certainly have ignored the Argentine’s prolonged campaign to get the match with Chavez done.

The dance that Jose Sulaiman and the WBC (the so called sanctioning body) have been doing to avoid the Martinez-Chavez Jr match is mesmerizing.  Lies and deception.

You see, the WBC Middleweight belt used to belong to Sergio Martinez.  The WBC forced him to relinquish it, so they could make a fight for Julio Cesar Chavez Jr to win the belt.  Martinez was promised the first crachk at the belt afterwards, but we are going on three opponents and the WBC continues in it’s failure to honor  it’s commitment to Martinez.

It is time for Chavez Jr to fight the fighters the people want to see.   With all due respect to Martin Murray, and to Andy Lee, who appears to be the next fighter of choice for Chavez Jr, their own parents would prefer to see Chavez Jr fight Martinez.

Martinez fought roughly two weeks ago, winning in impressive, come from behind fashion against Matthew Macklin in New York.  Martinez could certainly be ready for a June 16th date.  But the WBC and the desperate Chavez camp continue to look for a fighter for June, and they are now insisting that they will fight Martinez in September.

Martinez was supposed to be the first contender, not the 4th.   Early in his career, the Mexican audience wanted to see him fight Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez.  It must really stick in Chavez Jr’s craw that the younger ‘Canelo’ is much more popular than him.  And oh yeah, watching those two duck each other over the last 2 years has been another of boxing’s beautiful dances.

So when the opponent is decided and the line opens, bet Chavez.  There is no way he loses any of these fights, he is too protected and too many hangers on are already living off the money he makes.  And in September watch the dance start all over again as Chavez avoids Martinez yet again.



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