Boxing: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Finally Takes On Sergio Martinez

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Chavez Jr (left) and Martinez (right) finally got around the massive blobbular obstacle that is Jose Sulaiman (center) and made the fight happen.

This upcoming September 15th, at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada second generation Mexican legend Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. defends his Middleweight Champion Sergio Martinez in a matchup that has been more than a year in the making.  The odds at the sportsbooks now sit Martinez at -215, just over a 2-1 favorite, with +175 the comeback for ‘Junior’.  We have ranted for a year about making this fight happen, so now that it is here, let’s take a look at the fight…

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The fight is still roughly two months away, so both fighters are heading into their respective training camps after a 4 city, 2 country media tour. It was intersting to see the two together.  The physical matchup gives Chavez Jr a height and reach advantage.

Chavez, who has had no real documented issue in making the Middleweight limit of 160 lbs is said to be back into the 180 lb range come fight time.  Now there is word that Chavez is kicking off his training camp in the mountains of Mexico, and he has been joined by former strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza.  Chavez appears to be trying to come in big and strong for this fight with Martinez.

But Martinez is commonly considered the #3 or #4 pound for pound fighter in the world, so he likely has the skill to overcome some of the size advantages of Chavez.

Martinez has fought longer, lankier opponents and done well with them.  His rise to prominence started with a loss by majority decision to Paul Williams, a tall and lanky fighter.  Most thought Martinez won the fight, and he later avenged it by KO’ing WIlliams in two rounds.  He also has a win over former world champion Kelly Pavlik, who is long and lanky.

One thing to get a handle on is Martinez, who after years of being a noble and respectful champion is suddenly a shit talker, threatening to blow out teeth.

Now that the match is here, the odds are closer than I would have thought, as Martinez has not gotten that much respect at the books for his so called superiority.

And for those looking for value in the underdogs, think of this fight this way….  if Chavez Jr breaks through and wins this fight, this will likely be the last time for the foreseeable future you might get Chavez Jr as an underdog.



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