Boxing: Lamont Peterson and Amir Khan Is Off – Testosterone Again!

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Lamont Peterson's bout with Amir Khan is off. Being stripped of his belts could be next.

Well, one of the bigger and more important boxing matches of the month of May was cancelled yesterday, as Amir Khan and Golden Boy promotions have cancelled Khan’s bout with Lamont Peterson due to Peterson’s testing positive for abnormally high levels of testosterone.  It is noe roughly 6 months since Peterson defeated Khan in a bout that Khan made controversial thru whining about the results.  Let’s face it, it is not like Khan destroyed Peterson and was robbed, it was a close competitive match.  Peterson proved he could hang with the elite of his weight class, and proved he is a world class athlete himself.  So what happened?

Peterson went to see a doctor, who supposedly found low levels of testosterone, and gave him a treatment that left him with inflated levels of the hormone.  We have seen this in MMA once or twice already.

So I am to believe that Peterson, a 28 year old in peak physical condition his entire adult life woke up one day a little tired, a little sluggish.  From what the reports are saying, he didn’t go see his own doctor, but a specialist in Las Vegas.  A specialist on what?  How much testosterone the balls of World Class athletes produce?

What needs to happen here is the commissions and authorities need to go after these doctor’s that are engaging in unethical proactices.  Period.  The steroid scandal in baseball didn’t come to a head and change until BALCO, the lab producing the specialized steroids, was targetted.

Instead the commissions have gone the other way.  Peterson failed a test, but apparently there is a procedure where he could have declared to the commissions he is on a treatment under the care of a doctor, and he would be fine.  MMA star Dan Henderson learned to get his test jolts approved by a doctor and the commission, Lamont can too!

What needs to be asked is who are these doctor’s that are prescribing these treatments?  I don’t know for sure, but it is a good bet that we will find a network of doctor’s known for their loose ethics and quickness to prescribe testosterone.  Until someone calls them out on their behavior, and the authorities stop accepting their word at face value, we will continue to have this problem.

And the results will be periodic cancellation of fights, and Peterson-Khan 2 was one I actually wanted to see.


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