Boxing: Lopez Takes Out Ortiz – I Told You So! But I Didn’t Bet!

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'I told you so'! - If you beleieved in Josesito Lopez enough to bet him, you return was in the 5 to 1 neighborhood! Thanks Wey!

Yesterday I blogged about the chances Josesito Lopez, a huge underdog, had against Victor Ortiz in their boxing match last night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.  Lopez’ shot was to stay tough and let Ortiz start doubting himself…. and tht is what appears to have happened.  Ortiz would not answer the bell to start the 8th round , stating he had a broken jaw.  But this was after a bizarre fifth round where Ortiz showed all the cracks that have made people question him.  I held off on betting the huge dog, I hope you all did not, as people who bet Lopez last night made great money!  Let’s recap what happened….

Ortiz was winning the fight handily in the fifth round, as he had absorbed power shots from Lopez and basically walked right through them.  He was likely well ahead on the cards.  Then the inexplicable happened.

Ortiz hit Lopez in the back of the head with a clearly illegal shot while holding Lopez head down.

Lopez looked like a shot fighter.  He was swelling and darkening around the eyes, he seemed slow in responding to the referee and he was holding the ropes with one hand in what looked like an attempt to steady himself.

The referee did the best he could, giving Lopez time to recover, and perhaps seeing the dunce cap above Ortiz’ head, he warned Ortiz not to touch gloves and not to talk to his opponent.  The referee clearly had the Ortiz hugs from the Mayweather match in mind and was working to avoid a repeat scene.

But Lopez dug down and chose to continue.  He came out and had a stronger sixth round, and despite the referee’s attempts, Ortiz was looking to slap behinds – his mindset was gone.

In the seventh, Lopez was able to land a blow that hurt Ortiz.  Ortiz says he got caught with his mouth open and that his jaw was broken in an early exchange, and there is good video of several hard shots landed by Lopez.

Once Ortiz went back to the corner at the end of the round, he was spitting up blood and the fight was stopped.

So Ortiz was so wide open, that a fighter coming up in weight class and not particularly known for his power was able to break his jaw.   Lopez showed the mettle and determination that people have questioned in Ortiz, and he has the victory to prove it.  I hope some fans have some betting winnings in their pockets as well!

Another jaw in the building, the dropping jaw of Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez saw his Ortiz fight in September go up in smoke.  Until Ortiz actually lost, ‘Canelo’ must have been salivating at what he was seeing for his next opponent.  Now the match won’t happen.  What will be interesting is where Ortiz’ career goes from here, as he vowed to continue.  One thing is for sure, his days as a 7 figure fighter were extremely short lived.

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