Boxing – Mayweather and Cotto 2 Weeks Away and No One Is Excited!

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WBC President Jose Sulaiman. Take his shirt off and lay him on his side and his resemblance to Jabba the Hut is truly striking.

Today, the World Boxing Council (WBC) announced that the May 5th fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas between Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto will be for their ‘prestigious’ Diamond Belt in the Superwelterweight division.

Now why is that so bad?  Well let’s just stroll over to the WBC’s crappy website.  Hmmm, it says Saul Alvarez is the Superwelterweight champion.  Oh and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr is the Middleweight Champion, but there floating just below is the Middleweight Diamond Emeritus Champion Sergio Martinez.  So how prestigious is that belt anyway, prestigious enough to get you listed second on the fat man’s website?  wait then there are Silver champions, Champions in recess and also interim champions.  Jose Sulaiman seems more suited for running a day camp for children with special needs, where everyone gets a belt!

So Floyd Jr and Cotto are fighting in two weeks, and someone decided to pay the WBC the sanctioning fee for this joke of a Diamond belt.  The bloated Sulaiman is very happy, because now he can pay for the buffets he will eat while in Vegas parading around and further breaking down any integrity or value WBC belts have in the world of boxing.

But I ask you, does it feel like a Floyd Mayweather Jr fight?  Miguel Cotto, is a MASSIVE underdog at +500, and you get -700 to bet Mayweather.  Check it all out at BETDSI.  You would have to be silly to bet Mayweather.  And can you even consider Cotto?  Don’t think so.

Cotto is coming off a series of several major fights, including his loss to Manny Pacquaio and his vengeance on Antonio Margarito.  For those matches we saw a pretty solid Cotto, probably the best he has ever been.  It isn’t really feasible that he is going to step up to another level for this match, so we have seen what Cotto will bring in recent years.  And so has Mayweather.

Cotto is definitely one of the better fighters out there, but the point is that Mayweather is a notch above.  By making this fight and not a fight with Pacquaio, Mayweather lost a ton of money.  He listened to the WBCs and the Sulaiman’s and those types.  Really, do you think people are going to pay to see this Diamond belt in play, or should you just have fought the other guy?

Yet another example of how boxing is being ruined.



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