Boxing – Mayweather Does It Again!

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Floyd Mayweather takes self promotion to a new level.

Floyd Mayweather Jr returned to boxing this past Saturday, and he took out Victor Ortiz in the 4th round in controversial fashion.  After being deducted a point by the referee for a headbutt, Ortiz appeared to be trying to apologize to Mayweather, who landed the KO combination while Ortiz’ guard was down.

Mayweather had won every round, but Ortiz likely had a little bit left in the tank when the KO occured.  What Mayweather did however, was considered legal.  What he also did is he made sure that this match and his name stayed on the front pages, generating perhaps millions of dollars more for his next fight.  the man is a master at seizing the moment and promoting himself.

After the fight, during the in ring interview, he upped the ante, taking on iconic announcer Larry Merchant, who was trying to pin him down about the controversial ending.  He verbally lashed out at Merchant, and told him he didn’t know anything about boxing.

All this combines itself into one thing – people are going to want to see the next Floyd Mayweather fight.

And here is the other part.  Mayweather is now undefeated at 42-0, and he was on his way to another victory here.  Even in his mid 30′s, his skills looked undiminished as he was soundly beating a younger bigger opponent in Ortiz thru the first four rounds.  He is an astounding boxer.

But it is more his ability to generate controversy and news that will keep him in the public eye, and it is that which makes him the draw he is today.  Instinct allowed him to seize the moment with Ortiz, who was trying to apologize and he took it.

Now the call for a mega fight with Manny Pacquaio will be even stronger.  Pacquiao has a November date with Juan Manuel Marquez, but should he get by that fight, the battle with Mayweather will certainly be the biggest fight in the history of boxing.

So what did Mayweather do this past weekend?  Due to Pacquiao’s popularity worldwide, he was going to be the villian anyway, but he absolutely sealed the deal.  People are going to want to see him lose.  But what he actually did at the same time, is he made himself and Pacquiao millions of more dollars.  And that is what a guy whose nickname is ‘Money’ does on instinct.

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