Boxing: Mayweather versus Guerrero Odds Recap!

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Floyd Mayweather Jr is looking to start another run as the top boxing attraction in the world.

Saturday, May 4th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Floyd Mayweather Jr returns to the ring to face Robert Guerrero for a scheduled 12 round bout.  Mayweather is a huge favorite at the sports books, with most listing him at around -800 with a comeback on Guerrero right around +550, with some books going as high as -1000 on Mayweather.

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There is a general concensus that Guerrero is tailor made for Mayweather, and that for business reasons, Mayweather will not chance a tougher fight.  After all, Mayweather just signed an massive 30 month contract with SHOWTIME for six fights that will seal his place as the largest money grossing boxer of all time.  Can’t risk that on the first fight of the contract, right?

Did anyone tell Robert Guerrero?   Guerrero is a very mentally tough fighter, and he has a compelling personal story that shows he can overcome adversity and make fans want to root for him (his young wife has overcome Leukemia). He is coming off a battle with Andre Berto in his last outing that showed he could win against a quality opponent at Welterweight, a new weight class for him.

You have to want to see Mayweather lose as a boxing fan.  He has the sport on a type of lockdown where his personal circus overshadows everything else.  Now he is going to have to perform 6 times in 30 months, something he has not done in a long time.  He claims to not be looking past Guerrero, but there is no doubt Guerrero’s style of attacking and coming forward play into Mayweather’s counterpunching hands.

Guerrero will stay collected as the media circus hits.  Is there a chance that Mayweather will just be a touch more secure and complacent?

The chances are that age and that complacency will hit Mayweather at some point during the life of this contract.  The books are making lines like that can’t happen in the first fight here against Guerrero.  Guerrero has heart and karma on his side….  may be time to bet against mayweather everytime until he falls.  Who knows, maybe Guerrero can put an end to the circus.  Do that Guerrero, and do it with the books paying out around 10 to 1, and you will be a boxing fan’s favorite fighter!


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