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Mayweather and Ortiz, potentially heading towards PPV records

So next weekend Floyd Mayweather steps back into the ring to take on Victor Ortiz in Las Vegas.   This is likely to be one of the top two boxing draws of the year, and it is a huge match.  And if there is one thing that MMA still has to learn from boxing, it is on the promotional end.

The PPV for this fight is likely to beat anything the UFC has ever done.  This is for a few reasons, one of them being that the boxing promoters, in this case Golden Boy have learned to maximize selling a fight.

Another reason however, is the massive ability of Mayweather to generate hype and stay in the public eye.  The UFC is yet to generate a star that gets this much attention.  This is what I’ve been talking about, that the UFC’s champions are sounding stale with boring rhetoric about respecting there opponent, training hard, etc.  Let’s learn from the master!

Mayweather has fought exactly twice in four years, yet he remains and will remain in the top 2 premiere draws in boxing.

He has a lot of legal problems, he is being sued by his wife or ex wife, security at his home, Manny Pacquiao and probably a few more people.  I’m sure at least part of these lawsuits are contrived to keep Mayweather in the news.

At the very least, accusing Pacquiao of steroid use and absorbing the libel suit that comes with it has been big news.  Forcing stringent steroid testing on his opponents beyond what the sport requires keeps him in the news.

What does a guy with all these legal problems do?  He still runs with rappers, gambles big money at casinos and burns $100 bills at strip joints (a crime, by the way).  At every turn he is in the news.

What does Georgres St Pierre do?  He whines his opponent didn’t show up at the press conference, and wishes he was home training.  Boring, Georges missed a chance to be a true crossover star because he didn’t have it in his personality.  Yeah he has made his cash, but he ain’t ‘Money’ Mayweather.

In the buildup to this fight with Victor Ortiz, Mayweather has seemed to be on his best behavior.  But now, about a week out, he is dropping media bombs again.

Here is a guy with IRS and gambling issues, and he is offering to make a $5 million dollar bet on his victory with his opponent and promoter Oscar De La Hoya.  The media has been all over that!

If the idea was floated by St Pierre to throw a five million dollar bet out there, he would certainly pop a hip flexor and sully his fight shorts.  The guys in UFC just don’t get the full blown media aspect yet, not like the boxers do.


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