Boxing: Pacquiao Loses in Vegas – End of an Era?

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Timothy Bradley and Manny Pacquiao both already mentioned the 'R' word - rematch!

This past Saturday night in Las Vegas, boxing phenom Manny Pacquiao took a split decision loss in his fight with Timothy Bradley, ending a streak of roughly 7 years without a loss.

Most observers felt Pacquiao won the fight rather handily, though most experts also agree that we are seeing Pacquiao on the decline from his peak a few years back.

A few days ago I made a case for betting Bradley as the dog, and I did, so you could say ‘I won’ as well.   I watched the entire fight, and like most high level boxing matches lately, after a few rounds I just got the feeling we were going the distance.

When the fight ended, I had given 2 rounds, perhaps 3, to Bradley, leaving Pacquiao comfortably ahead.  The HBO crew making the call had it for Pacquiao all the way, with Howard Lederman actually giving every single round to Pac-Man.  The outcome was a mere technicality, but instinct made me stick around to actually hear the cards.

I was surprised the first card, at 115-113 for Pacquaio was so close.  Then when the second card was read, at 113-115 for Bradley, there was the sense that we were in for one of boxing’s weird moments.  When the third card was read, another 113-115 for Bradley, the crowd was too stunned to boo properly until later, and the announcing team seemed befuddled.

Promoter Bob Arum is on record stating that Bradley told him befor ethe cards were read, thta he had tried, but that he could not bet Pacquiao, so at some point, even Bradley thought Pacquiao took it.

Pacquiao already has talked of a November rematch, and Bradley was mentioning a second bout even before the fight.

It is interesting how boxing (and this bug will hit in MMA as well) needs a fix for these judges that know nothing that even the Nevada Commission brings in.  Because of this decision, the public that loves boxing is robbed of Mayweather versus Pacquiao, or even of Marquez-Pacquiao 4.

Let’s hope Pacquiao does come back and try to settle it in the ring.  I dont want to see him take a page out of teammate Amir Khan’s book, where he cries and whines about the decision and wants it changed and wants to litigate.

Khan, who has quickly turned into the biggest prostitute in all of boxing,, was quick to call out Tim Bradley after Tim’s win this past weekend.  Khan, how about you win a couple in a row, and grant Breidis Prescott a rematch – how about you earn a title shot?

Pacquiao spoke about a rematch, not of retirement like he has mentioned periodically before.  But this bad judging has robbed the boxing world of all the potential marquee fights for at least the next year.


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