BOXING: Ricky Hatton Comeback Less Than A Month Away!

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His first fight back will be very telling for Ricky Hatton - his 3 years in retirement were hard on his body.

The last time we saw former World Champion Ricky Hatton in a boxing ring was in May of 2009, when he was lying immobile after being KO’d brutally by Manny Pacquiao in the second round.  Hatton is training now for his comeback fight, scheduled for Manchester, England on November 24th against Vyacheslav Senchencko.  Hatton, who just turned 34, is not so much looking at fighting the best as he is looking to cash in a few times more, as he is a massive draw in England.

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Hatton is the favorite at the sportsbooks by between 3 to 1 and 4 to 1, and you can be sure that Team Hatton was careful in selecting Senchencko for the comeback, so Hatton is likely to win this bout.

But it will be interesting to see what Hatton brings to the table in his comeback.  Three years is a long layoff, and Hatton ballooned to about 200 lbs as his lifestyle took a serious turn towards partying.  He was caught using cocaine as well, but he appears to have remained as popular as ever among the British public.

Up next for Hatton maybe a rematch with Paul Malignaggi, who he defeated in November of 2008.  Malignaggi has done a good job of rehabbing his image while Hatton swigged Guiness and did bumps with hookers, so it could be an interesting fight.

The goal for Hatton is a return to the HUGE money, and that means another shot at a World title down the line, or a potential huge all Brit superfight with Amir Khan.

But first is Senchencko, who has 21 KO’s in his career, and recently suffered his only loss, dropping his WBA Welterweight title to Malignaggi.

As stated, Senchenko is a supposedly safe opponent, but the match will be a good measuring stick for what Hatton has left.  Hatton will always have the backing of a huge betting public in the UK, and it may be a great catch to bet Malignaggi as an underdog if that fight materializes.  If Hatton really has nothing left, then it might be a good catch to bet Senchenko now, though I think I will wait and see.

See some highlights and round 2 of the Pacquiao-Hatton fight:

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