Boxing Round Up: Really, Only Two Fights Matter….

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When last we saw Manny Pacquiao…… The Filippino Superstar attempts to get back on the winning track this November…..

The upcoming boxing calendar seems to be Mayweather-centric, as the world awaits the Floyd Mayweather Jr versus ‘Canelo’ Alvarez match on September 14th.  That match, which will probably be the biggest fight of the year in terms of money generated, sees Mayweather a comfortable betting favorite at (-290) with the return on Alvarez hovering around (+245).  If Anderson’s Silva’s loss in MMA has any cosmic meaning, it might be that 2013 is the year of the young, so there may be some value in Alvarez, and it is safe to say you are unlikely to ever see him as an underdog again as his career progresses from here.

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The other fight that everyone has on their mind is the November 23rd bout between Brandon Rios and Manny Pacquiao.  Pacquiao sits as a big favorite at (-465) with the comeback for Rios sitting around (+370).  Rios is a tough and gritty fighter who comes straight at his opponents, but his style is tailor made for Pacquiao, who is in desperate need of a win.  Pacquiao has lost two in a row, and a third loss in a row would see him fall off a precipice as far as relevance among the top fighters in the world.

The bottom line is that if Mayweather and Pacquiao both win, the inevitably too late bout between Mayweather and Pacquiao will be back on the radar.

The Heavyweight division remains a joke, as Alexander Povetkin is next up to take on Wladimir Klitschko.  A good indication of how far the heavyweight division has fallen is that Povetkin is pretty clearly the best heavyweight out there not named Klitschko, however he sits as a (+700 underdog) with Klitschko a (-1300) favorite.  Let’s hope it is closer than that in the ring!

An all British Heavyweight between undefeated and untalented Tyson Fury and veteran big mouth David Haye.  In a depressing heavyweight world, this one at least may have some comedy value, as the trash talk between the to fighters is sure to hit unprecedented levels.  David Haye, despite laying in egg in the biggest fight of his life when he took on Klitschko, is the far better boxer of the two and he should expose Fury as the slow, uncoordinated 6’8 clown that he is.  Oh yeah, and throw Fury’s height out the window, as Haye has trained for and beaten 7’0 tall Nikolai Valuev in the past so Fury really has no outs in this one other than to just get lucky.

Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez, the two men who recently defeated Pacquiao, will face each other in Las Vegas in mid October.  For the boxing purist, this may be the best fight of all of the above.  The line reflects a close bout as Marquez is a slight favorte sitting at around (-165) to Bradley’s comeback at (+130).  Credit to both men for taking a serious match, since both must feel a little bit slighted that they didn’t blow up after taking down Pacquiao.

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