Boxing: Saul Alvarez versus Shane Mosley Set For May!

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On May 5th of this year, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV will host a fight for the WBC Light Middleweight title when Champion Saul Alvarez defends against Shane Mosley.  It will be a little more than a year since we last saw the aging Mosley, and that last fight against Manny Pacquiao left even Mosley fans hoping for a retirement.  As for Alvarez, he has been fed a steady diet of hand picked opponents as well, and though Mosley’s name recognition may fool a good number of people, this is absolutely more of the same.  I haven’t even looked at the opening lines, or if they are out, because the bout is just not intriguing.  Alvarez wins, it is academic.

Alvarez’ handlers have pulled off a major coup here.  They get a sure fire Hall of Fame scalp to add to their resume, with no one willing to call it like it is.  Mosley is completely shot as a fighter, and is three years removed from his last good moments (against Antonio Margarito).

We all know that we saw a greatly deteriorated Mosley against Pacquiao.  After cashing that huge paycheck Mosley took a year off, and has since turned 40.  Things are not going to get any better.

Mosley seemed content and complacent before the Pacquiao fight.  I got tired of hearing the mantra the team, led by Coach Naseem Mohammed, chose to hype the fight.  They constantly repeated ‘no one has ever asked for their money back after a Shane Mosley fight’.  Yeah, well the Pacquiao fight was the first time then, and I didn’t get a check for the PPV fee in my mailbox.

Face it, Alvarez is a young, up and coming fighter who has just started to cross over into the big time fame and fortune.  He has great backing in Golden Boy, and his star is on the rise.  First of all, that entourage and support group of his are going to limit the risks, and I am impressed with the young kid’s focus and drive.  He is hungry and has the eye of the tiger, he is going places.  Mosley has already endorsed the check and the only place he is going to is the bank.  If you want to stand in line behind Mosley, bet Alvarez all the way.

As we get closer I will take a look at the over/under and see if any other factors have arisen, but this is another classic example of another boxing no brainer.



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