Boxing: This Is Not A Joke – Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Avoids Sergio Martinez Again!

WBC President Jose Sulaiman must look strange wheeling a shopping cart in front of him in his spacious home, at the supermarket, at boxing press conferences and where ever he goes.  It is the only way he could carry a set of balls like he has!  Despite years and decades of turning boxing into a farce, his latest protection of a Mexican fighter borders on the comedic, as on June 16th, the WBC will sanction Julio Cesar Chavez Jr’s next title defense as he takes on Andy Lee in El Paso, Texas.  It may be Jose Sulaiman’s world and we just get to live in it, because this latest lie is so blatant that I think he is laughing at everyone, backslapping with drunk old Chavez Sr. and a cavalcade of Mexico’s nefarious boxing establishment.  And the public gets another shit fight basically.

Let us recap.  The WBC World Championship Chavez is strutting around with was once around the waist of Argentinian Sergio Martinez.

Martinez, without losing a match, or ducking a fight, was stripped of the belt so that Chavez Jr could contest the title against a guy he could beat.  It is that simple.  Martinez for his part, played along as he was promised to be the first person to take on Chavez for the belt.

Since Chavez beat Sebastian Zbik for the title in June of 2011, first person for Martinez has meant after Peter Manfredo Jr and Marco Antonio Rubio, as Martinez was bypassed twice for the title shot that is his in the first place.

He was bypassed a third time, as Chavez Jr was scheduled to fight Martin Murray next, until Murray experienced visa problems and could not enter the USA.  So naturally after being shunned 3 times, it is Martinez’ fight, right?

Enter Andy Lee.   At first glance I was like, what!?! Chavez is fighting the NY Knicks point guard?  Further review shows Andy Lee to be a hard working fighter, yes, and perhaps deserving of title consideration at this point, but where is Martinez and the title shot he was promised?

This is four fighters that have somehow supplanted Sergio Martinez.  And I don’t care what old man Bob Arum, or Jose Sulaiman or any of the Mexican contigent say.   Andy Lee is not more of a draw than Sergio Martinez, even in his own house.

So it is all about just one thing – protecting Chavez Jr.  It has nothing to do with having the best possible WBC champion.

The Police Department in El Paso tried and almost succeeded in getting the fight cancelled, in part claiming the danger of marketing to a Mexican audience in a volatile border down!  Forget the gansta chivatos who buy tickets, what about the crooks running the show!

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