Boxing Tonite! Canelo Fails To Make Weight For Angulo!

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A great shot of the staredown at the weigh ins for the Saul Alvarez (with hat on right) and Alfredo Angulo bout in Vegas tonite!

As the boxing world gets ready for tonite´s Saul ´Canelo´Alvarez versus Alfredo ´Perro´ Angulo match in Las Vegas was hit with some minor controversy as Alvarez did not make the contracted weight of 154 lbs.  Alvarez gave up $100k to Angulo and made 155 lbs, just one pound off the contracted weight.  Does this mean anything?  Right now, Alvarez sits as a huge (-675) favorite with the comeback on Angulo at (+495).

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In the shady world of boxing, there is probably more to this than meets the eye.  Angulo, a tough and respect-worthy opponent gets an extra $100k added to his purse, and ´Canelo´ likely makes it all back on the PPVs by stirring up a little last minute controversy.  And it is much ado about nothing, as 1 lb will hardly make a difference in this particular fight.

The interesting thing is that there seems to be a wave of support for Angulo, who has been tabbed to win by several other fighters in the media.  Angulo trainer Virgil Hunter has a point when he says that if it had been Angulo who failed to make weight, the criticism would be very loud, where as ´Canelo´ has not really been raked over the coals for the lack of professionalism.

Perhaps the whole episode and the $100k will be the added incentive the underdog Angulo needs.  But he is going to have to fight the same fight he has planned for, and that is to attack and keep moving forward, crowding Alvarez.  Angulo has to hit Alvarez and he has to hurt him, and once hurt he cannot let him off the hook, he has to take him out.

Alvarez probably enjoyed flexing his celebrity status and tossing Angulo a $100k tip, but for him the job is the same.  It is a must win, since he is returning from the Mayweather loss, and all the noise about 1 pound wont make a bit of difference at the end to ´Canelo´.


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