Boxing: Tyson Fury Wins Debut On US Soil!

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Said to be entering the radar of the mighty Klitschko’s, Tyson Fury (right) fought a showcase bout at Madison Square Garden this past Saturday.

British Heavyweight Tyson Fury made his debut on US soil this past weekend with a 7th round stoppage of veteran Steve Cunningham at the Madison Square Garden Theater.  Fury moved his mark to 21-0 with the win, which was a qualifier for the number two ranking under the IBF, but he continued to leave many observers unconvinced of his talents.  He turned off a lot of people with his big mouth as well, so whether your betting on him or against him, there will be action around Tyson Fury.

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The fight with Cunningham was not easy for Fury. In his day, Cunningham was a solid Cruiserweight, and he used his movement to make Fury look oafish and lumbering at times. Fury ate a big punch in the second round that sat him down on his butt, but he did grind away on Cunningham and he caught him in the 7th to win by KO.

At 6 foot 9 inches, 254 lbs, Fury is a big Heavyweight, and he will be taller than Wladimir should they meet, but that is the end of the advantages.  Fury just will not be athletic enough or technical enough to box with Klitschko.

There is a pretty popular YOUTUBE video called ‘boxer punches self in face’.  Yep, that is old Tyson Fury!

Fury was a 5 to 1 favorite or more against Cunningham, and he will have to keep on a steady diet of opponents of that level to maintain ahis record.  There has been talk of a title shot against Wladimir Klitschko by the end of the year.

People want to see the fight, and it probably will make business sense to do.  fury has next to no chance, but perhaps his rabid following will give the public a line on a Klitschko fight that is closer than we have seen in a decade.

Oh and here it is, the famous self punch! Why do I get the feeling Henry Armstrong never punched himself in the face!


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