Boxing – We Get Floyd Mayweather vs Miguel Cotto

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Floyd Mayweather Jr will look to strut his stuff in the ring on May 5th against Miguel Cotto.

So all they did was talk about it, but once again, the few left that care about boxing are not going to see Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather in May.  There was hope, as Mayweather was able to postpone his pending  jail time and secured a May 5th date at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  Pacquiao’s calendar seemed empty, and there was a tiny window of opportunity.  Then Bob Arum stepped in, like an old Jedi Knight, a tricked us all into thinking it was better to wait.  Arum still hasn’t revealed Pacquiao’s latest opponent, though it is supposedly decided.  Mayweather moved on and announced his bout for May 5th against Puerto Rico’s Miguel Cotto.

Cotto is certainly a top guy, and he hs done a good job redeeming himself after a November 2009 loss to Pacquiao.  He exposed Yuri Foreman, did the dirty work in defeating Ricardo Mayorga and he avenged his loss to Antonio Margarito, but I really don’t think he is going to have anything for a guy like Mayweather.

One x-factor that exists in the Cotto-Mayweather fight and makes it a bit interesting is that the fight is at 154 lbs, making this Mayweather’s first fight at that weight.  Cotto however, is not a huge guy, and he is more likely to be chasing Mayweather all day and missing than he is to trapping ‘Money’ and hurting him.

A second X-factor is age as Mayweather is now thirty five years old, however he did not look slower in his last outing against Victor Ortiz.  He also flashed the killer instinct that gives him another edge.  The fact that Mayweather was actively looking for the match with Pacquiao shows me that he is cnfident that his sharpness and skills are still there.

Pacquiao beat Cotto very convincingly when they faced each other, however promoter Bob Arum has gone ahead and recycled him as an opponent for Mayweather.  Of his last 5 opponents, only Victor Ortiz hasn’t also faced Pacquiao.

Mayweather is not going to look past Cotto, but he must already have a good feel for what kind of a threat Cotto is, and he sees he is not at risk.

I’m going to call this one for Floyd, by Unanimous Decision.   Then we will see if a new arena is built, and if Old Man Arum finally relents and let’s the big fight go down.  For my part, I grow less and less interested with each passing month and year.

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