Boxing: What Did Juan Manuel Lopez Say After His Loss To Salido?

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Juan Manuel Lopez, was he punch drunk, or was he speaking truth?

It is roughly two weeks now since Orlando Salido faced Juan Manuel Lopez for WBO Featherweight World Title.  This was the second meeting for the two, as Salido took the title from Lopez in April of 2011.  Salido knocked Lopez down in the 10th round, and after Lopez got up, referee Roberto Ramirez Sr. stopped the fight after looking and Lopez, who was wobbly, and determined he could not continue.  In the immediate aftermath, Lopez accused the referee of stopping the fight due to the referee’s betting interests.  Lopez was threatened with suspension, and he has since started backing away from the comments, however it is intersting that no one took Lopez’ accusations seriously and that no one is checking.

The video below includes the final 10th round as well.  The post fight, in ring interview with Juan Manuel Lopez starts at the 7:25 mark – take a look for yourselves:


At 7:45 Lopez says “But the referee, this referee stopped the fight, the fight before his son stopped it.”  He continues “And him and his son, they are both bettors, they bet with people we know.’  He adds “The commission knows, I told them this.  For me the commission was wrong having them officiate this match.  It is irresponsible of the commission to name him referee”.

When asked if he can continue, Lopez says “Yes clearly.  I was fine, I am fine now, I a m conscious of everything that I am saying.”

I’m not saying Lopez is right, or wrong and I don’t know anything about the referee’s or any alleged gambling problems.   And Lopez, earlier in the interview states he feels that he was dominating the fight, so maybe he was a little bit delusional.  But his manner of speaking, his inflections, his certainty, they all hint at him speaking about something he believes to be true.  But no one is going to look into the allegations.

The accusations are pretty serious, and Lopez states that he reported to his fears to the WBO prior to the fight.  Is that true, or not?   Lopez clearly states he know who takes the bets from the Ramirez clan.  Is anybody looking into that?  Because from here it just looks like they are closing ranks, and threatening the fighter who has no choice but to back off.

One thing is almost certain – we will get a 3rd match between Salido and Lopez sometime before the end of the year, since Salido stated he was game for it and Lopez will clearly want his title back.  Lopez is already distancing himself from the comments in order to make it happen, and we get more business as usual in the world of boxing.

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