Boxing’s Biggest Draw Fights This Weekend: Pacquiao-Marquez 4!

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Manny Pacquiao (left) will fight Juan Manuel Marquez a fourth time, despite already being 2-0-1 against the Mexican.


This weekend at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada Manny Pacquiao returns to the boxing ring to face his nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez for the 4th time.  Right now, at the sportsbooks, The line is sitting at around -265 with Pacquiao favored.  The comeback is +225 on Marquez, who has made a very vocal case that he won the first three outings.  For years now, betting against Pacquiao has seemed like a bad idea, but that may not be the case in this fight.  Pacquiao’s mental baggage continues to grow, and now there is talk of a lawsuit by Marquez’ people against Pac-man trainer Freddie Roach over steroid allegations he made in the press.

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I don’t know about Roach’s steroid comments.  Marquez certainly appears more fit, but that is not really the point.  Compared to what was the hype for Pacquiao fights in the past, this just seems like a fight week hype that is sad, and it may illustrate a lot of what is wrong with Pacquiao.  Remember the hype before the Ricky Hatton fight?  This just seems like a huge step back in terms of finger pointing, and no one seems genuinely excited to see Pac-man fight again.  The thrill may be gone.

Here is the other point, if you are going to bet on the fight – the drug tests won’t be back until roughly a month after the fight.  So if your inclined to bet the underdog on this one, you will have your payout long before the win is overturned if there is a positive test.

Drug testing in boxing, even in Nevada which is a state with a well funded boxing commission, is such a joke.

The suspicion has been raised partially because of Marquez’ strength and conditioning coach, Angel Heredia, who has been linked to steroids in the past with other athletes.  It wasn’t long ago that Pacquiao stood accused of using PEDs, and there were allegations tying in his strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza.

And both camps are making statements about how they will do any testing that is necessary, all the while avoiding and ducking any extra testing that might be done.  It is the same old story of slinging PEDs around hoping to get some hype.  Sad joke.

I am betting on Marquez the underdog for this one.  And frankly, I hope he is shooting mule hormone and doing shots of bull testosterone. I hope he comes in strong as hell and takes Pac’s head off.  I will have my payout long before the tests come back.


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